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What is the Best Mattress for an Adjustable Bed?

Not so long ago, adjustable beds were commonly found in hospitals, and used by patients with mobility issues. They helped doctors and health workers elevate a patient's head or feet during a medical examination. They also helped patients sleep better by improving blood circulation and breathability, and easing pressure on the joints and ligaments.

Fast forward, these beds have become increasingly common in many homes because of their ability to customize sleeping positions, and improve the quality of sleep. However, many sleepers have challenges finding the best mattress for adjustable beds.

These tips come in handy to help you find the best mattress for adjustable beds.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is a mechanical bed that lets you control its adjustable base to customize your sleeping position. The bed allows you to adjust different sections to raise or lower a part of your body at different angles.

These beds are available in different designs and sizes. Most of them use remote controls to adjust the sleeping position, although several others can be adjusted manually.

How does an Adjustable Bed Work?

The main feature of an adjustable bed frame is its base. The adjustable base is where you find all the control gears to angle the bed. Therefore, when shopping for an adjustable bed, you need to ensure that its adjustable base functions correctly before purchasing the bed.

The adjustable base has the sleep surface where the mattress rests. This surface resembles the bed frame of standard beds. However, it has numerous joints that enable the adjustable base to move freely from the mattress as you customize the bed to suit your comfort. For example, you may raise the head section of the bed to help you with acid reflux or sleep apnea.

Some adjustable beds have two sections designed to move independently. These adjustable beds are ideal for couples who share a bed, and have different sleep preferences. They allow one partner to adjust their side of the bed without interfering with their partner's section.

A double adjustable mattress bed frame requires two mattresses for its two different adjustable bases. The biggest challenge is selecting the best mattress sizes that fit perfectly on this bed. Luckily, some mattress companies make twin mattresses for such beds.

Reasons to Get an Adjustable Bed

Having a comfortable deep sleep promotes good health, improves productivity, and rejuvenates the body. Of course, your bed plays a significant role in determining your comfort during sleep. Because adjustable beds help you customize your ideal comfort, here are some of the potential health benefits of sleeping on one.

Helps Reduce Swelling

Most doctors advise sleepers suffering from edema to sleep with their feet elevated above their heart level. Edema is a health condition that causes the body to retain fluids between its soft tissues and cells, causing some body parts to swell. Elevating the feet helps excess fluids to drain more effectively and reduce swelling.

An adjustable mattress bed, therefore, can offer significant comfort benefits for such sleepers. It allows them to elevate their legs to a comfortable level while sleeping. Unlike pillows, using an adjustable bed keeps the feet in the same position all night.

Offers Pressure Relief

Sleeping on an unsupportive bed can cause pain in different parts of the body. Many sleepers report having experienced one form of pain or the other caused by their bed, including low back pain, shoulder pain, and neck stiffness. Others suffer from health conditions, such as arthritis, that causes painful joints that may become severe when they sleep.

The ability to adjust and customize the adjustable bed is therapeutic for such sleepers, and can help with pressure relief to reduce pain. This bed can also improve proper spinal alignment to reduce the chance of causing body aches and pains to sleepers.

Manages Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that disrupts a person's breathing pattern by repeatedly stopping and restarting their breathing pattern when sleeping. This condition has several causes, although poor sleeping positions that block the airway can aggravate the problem.

Sleeping on an adjustable bed allows these sleepers to elevate their heads to keep their airways open. It also reduces the pressure caused by gravity and weight that collapses the airway while sleeping.

Improves Blood Circulation and Lowers Heart Rate

Your heart needs a sufficient supply of oxygen-rich blood even as you rest. Sometimes, sleeping on a traditional flat mattress can reduce blood circulation in your body, causing your heart to work harder than it should.

Customizing your sleeping position using an adjustable bed improves blood circulation and breathability. As a result, your heart receives sufficient oxygen without overworking, which in turn lowers the heart rate, and allows the heart to rejuvenate.

Improves Mobility

Sleepers who have limited mobility due to health conditions sleep better on a customizable bed. They can change their sleeping position with a simple click of a button, without needing help. In addition, the adjustable bed improves their life by helping them perform everyday activities such as; watching TV, reading a book, eating, or taking their medicine.

Other reasons for buying an adjustable bed frame include:

  • reducing sleep disruptions
  • improving comfort for pregnant women
  • reducing acid reflux and heartburn
  • improving food digestion
  • eliminating snoring

Are There any Drawbacks to Adjustable Beds?

Some of the few drawbacks of an adjustable bed include:

High Prices

Adjustable bed frames cost more than standard beds because of their mechanical capabilities and features. For example, some adjustable beds have extra features like USB ports, bed rails, wheels, and bedside bells. These features also increase the cost of the beds.


Mechanical problems may cause the bed to produce noises that may disrupt your sleep. The bed may require routine maintenance to avoid any mechanical issues that make the bed noisy.

What are the Types of Adjustable Frames?

Domestic adjustable bed frames have distinct features that set them apart from traditional hospital beds. Generally, adjustable beds have standard features, such as the adjustable head and feet section. These beds also come in standard sizes that range from twin to California King sizes. In addition, some manufactures have larger models, and split adjustable beds that fit two mattresses.

The difference between the numerous adjustable bases available in the market comes from the additional features installed on the different models to give sleepers more control of their beds. These features include:


Some beds have alarms installed to wake a sleeper up at a specific time. This feature can help sleepers who need to take their medication at night, wake up to use the restroom, among other advantages.


Some adjustable beds have an in-built massage system that vibrates and massages different body parts. This bed helps you relax, improves blood circulation, and eases pain in different parts of the body.

Smartphone Control

Besides remote-controlled adjustable beds, some models can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet. For such beds to work, you need to install the control app on your device, and follow the directions on the app.

Zero-Gravity Settings

A zero-gravity adjustable bed helps with pressure relief on the spine to help you feel weightless when you sleep.

Besides pressure relief, the bed improves blood circulation, and opens the airways, so you can breathe better all night.

What to Look for in a Mattress for an Adjustable Bed

You can use your bed with most types of mattresses found in the market today. However, some mattresses for adjustable beds work better than others because of their different characteristics. Here are the factors to consider and compare when looking for the best mattress for adjustable beds.

Understand Different Mattress Types

More often than not, sleepers have to buy a mattress that's compatible with their new adjustable bed. The type of mattress then becomes an important consideration while shopping. Here's how different mattress types compare when used with an adjustable frame.

Memory Foam Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

A memory foam bed conforms to a sleeper's body, and offers maximum pressure relief. When paired with an adjustable base bed, this memory foam mattress makes the sleeper feel comfortable and pain-free. The downside is that a memory foam mattress sleeps hot, and may cause sleep disruption because of too much sweating for sleepers struggling with high body heat (hot sleepers), especially in the summer.

Some manufacturers solve this problem for hot sleepers by using gel-infused memory foam to improve temperature regulation of the memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses also have a shorter life span than other high-quality mattresses. For this reason, they are not the best mattress for adjustable beds.

Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress offers great support to sleepers, regardless of their preferred sleeping position.

A hybrid mattress is also breathable and comfortable to sleep on.

A hybrid mattress is made with an inner coil system and outer foam layers of memory foam or latex foam. When looking for a hybrid mattress for an adjustable bed, you need to inquire if it is compatible with an adjustable base. Some hybrid mattresses may not be compatible because of their inner coils system.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses, commonly referred to as the traditional beds, are best known for their bouncy nature. They consist of a heavy coil system, and thin outer foam layers.

An innerspring mattress may not be very compatible with an adjustable bed because of its weight due to the coils system and structure of the foam layers.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses offer great support and comfort to sleepers, and are also very compatible with adjustable beds. They are highly responsive, help ease pressure points, and keep the spine in proper alignment. In addition to easing pressure points, latex mattresses promote better health because they are hypoallergenic, and made without harmful toxins or chemicals.

The bottom line is, a latex mattress is the best mattress for adjustable bases.

Size of the Mattress

Since adjustable beds come in standard bed sizes, it's easier to find the right mattress for adjustable bases. These standard sizes include twin, twin XL, queen, king, and California king sizes. If you have a larger bed, such as the dual adjustable one, you should inquire about the right mattress size that fits the bed.

Mattress Thickness

Thicker mattresses work best with adjustable beds because they provide better support. The ideal thickness for adjustable beds mattresses ranges between 10 and 14 inches. If the mattress is too thin, it won't offer adequate support to the sleeper. On the other hand, thicker mattresses aren't flexible enough to fold when adjusting the bed's base.

Your Sleeping Position

Different types of sleepers feel comfortable on different mattresses. For example, side sleepers may prefer soft and conforming memory foam mattresses for pressure relief, while back sleepers prefer firmer and supportive latex mattresses.

To choose the right mattress for your sleeping position, you need to consider its firmness level. Firm mattresses are generally uncomfortable to sleep on, while softer ones may lack adequate support for your spine.

Even though you can adjust the comfort level of your new adjustable bed, your mattress and other bedding will also determine your comfort level. Therefore, consider buying a mattress that suits your sleeping position to make your bed more comfortable.

Night Sleep Trial Periods

When purchasing a mattress for adjustable beds online, consider one with a generous night sleep trial period to have sufficient time to test the mattress on your adjustable bed. Besides comfort, the night sleep trial period helps determine how compatible the mattress is with the adjustable bed. If the mattress doesn't feel right, you'll have enough time to contact the mattress company for a return.

Return Policy

Mattress companies have different return policy agreements. Typically, these policies allow buyers to return a mattress that doesn't feel as comfortable as expected. In addition, some policies let buyers exchange the mattress with another, while others refund the buyers' money.

Choose a favorable policy to avoid disputes with the seller when you decide to return the mattress. For example, some return policies may require you to cover the shipping costs when returning a mattress, while others have pick-up arrangements.


The warranty of your mattress will give you an idea of how long it will last. A high-quality, durable mattress has a lasting warranty compared to an average mattress. Such a mattress is a good investment, and guarantees a long period of deep, comfortable sleep.

Ensure that you check out what the warranty covers. This information helps you understand when to contact the seller whenever you have an issue with the mattress. Also, check if it states whether you can use the mattress on an adjustable base.

How do Adjustable Beds Differ from Hospital Beds?

Adjustable beds and hospital beds have peculiar differences, despite their similarities. Here's how you can tell these beds apart.

Hospital beds are smaller, and designed for only one sleeper. Adjustable bases are available in the various standard bed sizes, and can be used by multiple sleepers.

The adjustable base of a hospital bed moves all at once when inclining the bed at different angles. On the other hand, the base of an adjustable bed  moves independently. You can adjust the head section without moving the feet section on an adjustable base.

Hospital beds come with hospital-friendly features to improve doctors' access and utility. Adjustable beds offer comfort and luxury. For example, some adjustable beds have in-built massage systems, bed heaters for increased body heat, and smartphone controls, increasing the number of options sleepers can choose from, unlike hospital beds.

Features of Latex For Less Adjustable Base

If you're looking for a relaxing and supportive bed, the Latex For Less Adjustable Base is one of the best in the market. This bed comes with unique features to give you maximum control, and the best sleeping experience.

The new bed comes with three preset positions, namely;

Zero Gravity Position: This position makes you feel weightless when you sleep, providing pressure relief on different parts of your body. It's ideal for heavier sleepers, those with physical pain, and sleepers with sleep apnea.

Anti-Snore Position: This position keeps the sleeper's airway open while supporting their head to improve breathability, and reduce snoring.

Flat Position: The flat position is the basic setting of a traditional bed.

The adjustable base of this bed is fully customizable. For example, you can incline the head section up to 60 degrees, while the foot section can incline up to 45 degrees. The customization helps you find the perfect position to sleep, watch TV, read, write, or rest on your bed.

The bed is remote-controlled using a programmable wireless remote. You can program your favorite position, and activate it by pressing a single button. It is whisper-quiet despite all these movements, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

The Latex For Less adjustable bed comes in different sizes, including split king and California king size. In addition, this bed is compatible with most mattress types, including the Latex For Less latex mattress.

The Warranty

The Latex For Less adjustable bed comes with a 20-year warranty covering different aspects throughout three tiers of the warranty.

Year 1: Covers workmanship and materials defects from the date of purchase up until one year of use. The company caters to replacing any parts at our costs, including transport and outsourced labor.

Year 2-5: Offers free replacement parts to the buyer for any defects on the bed. The buyer will be responsible for transport and labor costs associated with fixing or repairing the bed.

Year 6-20: Offers replacement parts for any mechanical bed parts, excluding electronic parts, at a calculated discount price. The buyer will be responsible for transport and labor costs for fixing or repairing the bed.

Features of Latex For Less Natural Latex Mattress

The Latex For Less Natural Latex Mattress perfectly fits the adjustable bed. Here are more impressive features of these mattresses you'll probably love:

  • The mattress contains natural latex, organic cotton, and natural wool. These materials are nature's friendliest bedding materials that promote healthy sleep. Additionally, the mattress is resistant to allergies, breathable, and free of chemical toxins.
  • With just a flip of the mattress, you can change the firmness of your bed from medium-firm to firm, or the other way around. This flippable mattress flexibility makes this mattress ideal for different sleeping positions.
  • The mattress comes with a 20-year warranty to perfectly pair with the equally durable adjustable bed.
  • These mattresses are available in various sizes, ranging between twin and California king sizes, which fit perfectly on the Latex For Less adjustable beds.

Get your adjustable base and natural latex mattress from Latex For Less at discounted prices, and experience the life-changing comfort and luxury of a customizable bed. All you have to do is place your order online, and wait for your free delivery right from the comfort of your home!

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