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Should I Purchase a Cover with My Latex Mattress Topper?

Do you want your latex mattress topper to last longer? If so, consider purchasing a cover. Unlike an ordinary bed sheet, a cover protects the topper and makes it more comfortable to sleep on. Even though this accessory isn't essential, you'll be grateful many years later that you bought one for your latex mattress topper.

Latex mattress toppers are known for their durability, but they can last incredibly longer if cared for properly. However, without covers, latex mattress toppers get exposed to dirt, skin and hair oils, sweat, and dead skin cells from the sleeper's body, which can accumulate over time. As a result, latex toppers are susceptible to stains, odors, and general wear and tear.

This article explains why you need a latex mattress topper cover, particularly an organic cotton cover.

What is a Latex Mattress Topper Cover?

A mattress topper cover is a fabric designed to cover a topper to keep it clean, and protect it from wearing and tearing too soon. Some covers resemble fitted bed sheets that only cover the top and sides of the topper. Other covers for mattress toppers have elastic bands on the edges that go over the topper's edges to secure it.

A zippered mattress topper cover is the best choice for a latex mattress topper because it encases the whole topper, protecting all sides from dirt, allergens, and microorganisms.

A latex topper is unique because it serves more than one purpose. A latex topper can also:

  • Regulate a sleeper's temperature
  • Provide pressure relief
  • Improve air circulation around your mattress
  • Add extra support and cushioning to the sleeper

Taking care of your latex topper is the best way to enjoy all its benefits for a more extended period.

Reasons to Get a Latex Mattress Topper Cover

Here are the reasons why you should buy a zippered cover for your latex mattress topper:

Protects from Stains and Spills

Coffee, tea, or wine stains are stubborn and unattractive. Such stains can also cause mold growth if the moisture soaks deep into the topper. However, a waterproof cover prevents the liquids from reaching the mattress topper, and can be wiped off easily using a piece of cloth.

When you have spillage on your bed, you'll only need to remove and wash the topper cover. The covers for the best latex mattress toppers are machine washable, making it easier to keep your bed clean all the time.

Keeps the Latex Topper Clean

Cleaning a latex topper is a lot more difficult than washing a mattress topper cover. You'll also have to be very cautious not to damage the latex topper while trying to get rid of stains and dirt. However, a latex mattress topper cover ultimately helps you maintain your bed's hygiene in the most convenient way possible.

Prevents Exposure to Allergens

Allergens like dust mites, pet dander, molds, and mildews like living in mattresses and mattress toppers where they find dead human cells, moisture, and heat that promotes their growth. These allergens often cause respiratory problems to sensitive sleepers, such as nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. Sleeping on a hypoallergenic mattress is one of the solutions to keeping these allergens away from your bed.

Another tip for eliminating such allergens is washing your bedding weekly using warm water and detergent. However, that works best for bed sheets, pillowcases, covers, and other loose and light bedding. On the contrary, you can only clean your latex topper once every three months, depending on how dirty the latex topper gets.

Makes it Easier to Pick Up

Some organic latex mattress toppers are slippery and tacky, making them difficult to pick up, and uncomfortable to lie on. It's also harder to lie on a bed when the mattress topper keeps slipping out of place.

But, on the other hand, an organic cotton cover is easier to grab on, and stops mattress toppers from sliding out of place while you sleep.

An organic latex mattress topper also makes your bed look neater and even, making it easier to lie on it.

Adds a Layer of Comfort to the Bed

Sleeping in an organic cotton topper cover feels soft and comfortable, unlike sleeping on uncovered latex mattress toppers. An organic cotton cover improves your comfort in many ways.

For example, an organic cotton cover keeps you dry all night because it wicks moisture away from your body. Some mattress topper covers also contain a thin layer of cushioning material to improve how the surface of your mattress feels.

What Type of Latex Mattress Topper Covers Should I Get?

Polyester, organic cotton, vinyl, and polyurethane are the most common materials used to manufacture most mattress topper covers. These materials have different qualities that distinguish the covers from each other.

For example, synthetic materials such as vinyl make a waterproof and heavy mattress topper cover. However, these materials contain plasticizers and other chemical compounds that pollute the environment and irritate chemical-sensitive sleepers.

Choose organic cotton mattress protectors and covers for latex toppers to match your bedding.

Why Organic Cotton Bedding?

If you're looking for an organic option, choose the covers made of 100% organic cotton. The benefits of organic cotton covers for your organic latex mattress topper include:


Organic cotton has breathable fibers, which don't leave you feeling too hot and sweaty at night, unlike many memory foam toppers. The fibers in organic cotton allow air to pass through easily, and also wick away moisture from the body, making it ideal for hot sleepers.

Hot sleepers aside, the breathable fiber also makes your bed cooler, drier, and more comfortable, unlike sleeping on synthetic topper covers, no covers at all, or memory foam toppers.

Allergy Resistance

Organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals found in pesticides and bleaches used in growing and manufacturing non-organic cotton. These chemicals contaminate cotton, making it unsafe for allergies and chemicals-sensitive sleepers. Organic cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic, and doesn't cause harm to sleepers with sensitive skin or breathing difficulties.


Cotton is among the friendliest textiles used with children because it doesn't cause any reactions to their young and sensitive skin. Therefore, an organic cotton topper cover reduces the chances of skin redness and rashes on their fragile skin caused by chemicals found in synthetic fibers and conventional cotton.


Besides being chemical-free, organic cotton is biodegradable. So buying an organic cotton cover for your topper contributes to sustaining the environment to make the planet safer for humans and other living things. Mattress toppers made of latex are extremely eco-friendly, as they are derived from sap of the rubber tree.


Organic bedding, such as latex mattresses and the best latex mattress toppers, are a huge investment worth protecting for a long time. For this reason, you also need to choose a durable cover to protect your latex toppers, latex mattresses, and other bedding. Organic cotton covers have strong, long-lasting fibers, which can withstand several washes without loosening, tearing, or wearing out easily. 


Organic cotton is softer and fluffier than non-organic cotton because the fibers aren't destroyed by the chemicals used in processing conventional cotton. As a result, they create plush covers, making your bed, as well as your latex foam topper, more luxurious and comfortable.

How to Care for an Organic Cotton Topper Cover

Most organic cotton topper covers are machine washable, and often come with cleaning instructions indicated on their tags. However, if there are no washing instructions available, you may clean the cotton cover the same way you clean bed sheets and other mattress topper covers.

Here are some quick tips for caring for an organic cotton topper cover.

  • Use warm to cold water for washing the cover
  • Use eco-friendly detergents to prevent chemicals from destroying and contaminating the organic cotton
  • Ensure that the cover dries completely before putting it back on the latex topper

How to Clean Stains on a Cotton Topper Cover

Stains come off faster when pre-treated before washing. For best results, use laundry or dish washing detergent and some water to soak the stained parts for a few minutes before washing. This helps dissolve the stain, so it doesn't spread to the rest of the cover as you wash.

You can use a baking soda paste made by mixing one-part baking soda, and half-part water. This is because baking soda fades the stain, and also acts as a natural deodorant.

Apply the paste on the stain, and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing off using a soft fabric brush. You can then put the cover in the machine washer, and dry it once the process is complete. It’s also not advisable to dry it under direct sunlight as it may damage the cover.

Avoid using harsh detergents and abrasives when cleaning the mattress topper cover, as they can damage the waterproof barrier. If the stains are too stubborn, consider taking the cover to a professional laundry service provider.

Tips to Protect Your Natural Latex Topper

Good quality organic latex mattress toppers can last for an average of 4 years, or even longer with better protection and care.

But with these tips, your latex mattress topper can last even longer.

Use a Waterproof Organic Latex Mattress Topper Cover

Use a waterproof organic latex mattress topper cover for your mattress, especially if you're sharing your bed with a child. Keeping moisture away from your latex mattress ensures that it doesn't form stains, molds, or mildews.

Avoid Jumping on the Bed

Jumping on the bed can damage both your topper and mattress. Although a latex mattress topper is made of strong and durable material, repeated jumping exerts too much pressure on its surface, causing dents and tears.

You may want to keep your toddlers from jumping on your bed, to avoid any damages. Similarly, it may be a good idea to keep pets off the topper for its protection.

Use a Bed Tray

Use a bed tray to hold your drinks and meals in place when you bring food to bed to prevent spillage accidents. A bed tray effectively contains any spilled food or drink, to avoid staining your mattress topper.

How to Clean Natural Latex Mattress Toppers

Latex mattress toppers are easier to maintain because they don't require frequent cleaning. Here are the steps for cleaning latex mattress toppers:

  • Mix cold water and mild washing detergent in a container
  • Soak a white towel into the water until damp (this is because white towels don't transfer color to the topper)
  • Squeeze out the excess water from the towel and begin cleaning the stains in the latex topper with the towel
  • Repeat the process all over the mattress topper
  • Use another dry white towel to soak the excess water off the latex topper
  • Let the latex topper dry before using it

Buying a Cover for a Latex Mattress Topper Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions consumers ask about buying covers for their latex mattress toppers.

Are Natural Latex Mattress Toppers Tacky?

Latex is inherently tacky because of the nature of a rubber tree, where it derives from. As a result, dirt and debris may easily stick onto the topper if used without a cover. To avoid that, use a zippered natural latex mattress topper cover that encloses the latex foam topper completely.

What is the Difference Between a Mattress Protector and a Topper Cover?

There's barely any difference between covers for latex toppers and mattress protectors. They both protect the mattress or topper from dirt to keep them clean and prolong their lifespan.

However, most mattress protectors are made of synthetic materials, such as vinyl. On the other hand, covers for latex toppers are commonly made using organic material, such as organic cotton, making them a healthier and eco-friendly option.

When Should You Buy a Latex Mattress Topper Instead of a Mattress?

You should buy a latex mattress topper if your mattress feels too soft or too firm for your comfort. You can also buy a latex topper if you wish to sleep cool and feel comfortable, and be allergen-free. This mattress topper should work for you even if you have a latex allergy.

However, it's better to buy a new mattress if the existing mattress is worn out and saggy.

About the Latex For Less Organic Cotton Topper Cover

The Latex For Less Organic Cotton Mattress Topper isn't your ordinary zippered cover. Instead, this organic cotton topper cover is tailored to perfectly fit your 100% natural latex mattress topper, protecting it from stains, and making it easier to pick up.

In addition, the cover has both the GOTS and USDA certifications to prove the authenticity and quality of the organic cotton used during the manufacturing process.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Global Organic Latex Standard monitor and evaluate the growth and processing of organic textiles, such as cotton, to ensure that they meet the global quality and safety standards.

The product must meet the following requirements for a GOTS certification:

  • Contain at least 95% organic fiber
  • Be processed without any bleaches, toxins, or harmful chemicals
  • Be manufactured under environmentally-friendly milling standards
  • Treat employees and the environment respectfully

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) label also proves that the product meets all organic production regulations, including seed sourcing, planting, harvesting, and processing.

The Latex For Less Organic Cotton Topper Covers meets all these requirements. The natural latex topper covers have a micro-thin extra layer of non-toxic polyurethane, a safe and clean liquid barrier used to form the waterproof underlayer of the covers. This extra layer prevents liquids from sipping through the natural latex topper cover to the mattress topper.

Here are the reasons you should purchase this natural latex topper cover to protect your existing mattress:

  • The outer layer of the natural latex topper cover is soothing and soft
  • The soft latex mattress topper makes your bed feel luxurious and comfortable
  • The cotton fibers of the natural latex topper cover don't trap heat, allowing you to sleep cool all night
  • The cotton found in the natural latex topper cover wicks moisture away from your body and the mattress to keep you dry
  • The natural latex topper cover fits perfectly in the mattress topper, allowing your bed sheets to glide smoothly
  • You won't have to worry about cracking noises when using this natural latex topper cover
  • The protector is strong enough to endure daily use. and several years of machine washing

Place your order today at Latex For Less to enjoy our amazing sale. Besides, Latex For Less offers free shipping for our natural latex topper covers and other products all over the US, saving you hundreds of dollars in shipping costs!

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