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2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress
by Latex for Less

100% Natural Latex,
Dual-Sided (2 Firmness Options)

A simple, yet elegant and affordable natural latex mattress, featuring medium density latex on one side, and medium-firm density latex on the opposing side.

Starting at $1,209 $609

Hybrid Latex Mattress
by Latex for Less

Organic Latex with
Individually-Wrapped Coils

Features a top comfort layer of luxurious organic latex, with the additional experience of pocketed coils for eliminating motion transfer between partners, and creating an exquisitely supportive and buoyant sleep experience.

Starting at $1,299 $699

Organic Latex Mattress
by Latex for Less

Premium Luxury
Organic Latex Mattress

Our premium latex mattress offering – made with up to 12 inches of solid certified organic latex, and including a more luxurious quilted, knit cotton cover, plus an ample helping of wool for purposes of moisture-wicking and temperature control.

Starting at $1,599 $999

Which Latex Mattress Should I Choose, and Why?

Ask yourself the following 8 questions, to help you discover which mattress from the above that you are the best candidate for.

1. Am I looking for solid latex only?

This question may or may not eliminate one of the above latex mattress offerings from your consideration. If you answer yes to this question, you would be on track to choose from either our 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress, or our Organic Latex Mattress, since the Hybrid Latex Mattress is a hybrid mattress, and contains 8-inches of coils along with natural latex. If you answer no to this question, you haven’t necessarily eliminated any of the latex mattresses that we offer, unless you know upfront that you are, in fact, only looking to get a hybrid latex mattress. If that is the case, the Hybrid Latex Mattress would be your mattress of choice.

2. Is price my main concern?

If you know you want a latex mattress, but price is a concern, you may be leaning towards either our standard 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress, or potentially even our Hybrid Latex Mattress. Our 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress is our least expensive mattress option, with the next in line being our Hybrid Latex Mattress.

3. I like having different firmness options, or I'm not quite sure what firmness I would enjoy most.

If you aren’t quite sure which mattress firmness would fit you best, your best bet would be our 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress (which would only require you to flip the mattress over if you needed a change in firmness).

4. How big of an issue is motion transfer (do you or your partner move around a lot during sleep)?

Since latex is very good at isolating motion, all 3 of our latex foam mattresses would help to eliminate any motion from the tossing or turning of a partner, If your main concern deals with motion transfer, our Latex For Less Hybrid Latex Mattress is potentially your go-to mattress in this case. This hybrid mattress it is built with individually-wrapped coils, rather than springs that are entirely interconnected. This means the coils act independently from one another, instead of as a unit.

5. Do I tend to sleep hot?

Organic latex is inherently breathable since the latex contains an open cell matrix, and has hundreds of pin holes throughout for ventilation. Organic Latex is a completely different experience than memory foam, which traps heat; further, some individuals report that with memory foam they feel as though they are stuck in quicksand. That being said, if sleeping hot is a major common occurrence for you, the open arrangement of the fabric-encased coils in our Hybrid Latex Mattress allows for increased airflow, which tends to lend itself to a cooler sleep experience. In any case, with all of the above choices, you'll have a much cooler sleep experience than on a traditional mattress. Not to mention, the other amazing feature of each of the above latex mattress selections is that they contain wool as their fire barrier, which doubles as a temperature regulator. So, whichever mattress you choose, it will keep you cool and comfortable.

6. Do I want to be able to return my mattress if I need to?

You're in luck - all of our mattresses can be returned within 120 nights! It may take several weeks for your body to adjust to the feel of a new mattress. Because of this, we do require you to try the mattress for a minimum of 30 days from the date of receipt. If after 30 days you decide that the mattress is not for you, you may return it for a full refund of your purchase price. If you decide to return your mattress prior to trying the mattress for 30 days, a $99 convenience fee will be deducted from your refund. Should you need assistance with returning your mattress, we offer a concierge mattress removal service for $99. Our trained carriers will remove the mattress from your bedroom, and transport it to a local recycling facility, so there’s nothing for you to do.

7. What should I be more concerned with when purchasing a mattress: functionality or luxury?

If you are more concerned with functionality over luxury, then the two competing mattresses for your money would likely be our 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress, or our Hybrid Latex Mattress. The Organic Latex Mattress is our luxury offering, with a more luxurious cover, an ample helping of temperature-regulating organic wool, and of course, solid certified organic latex. The 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress is built to be a very functional mattress, in that it has two sides to choose from at your own discretion, is thinner and ligher to flip and you can toggle between the two whenever it pleases you. There are no extra frills with this mattress. The Hybrid Latex Mattress is also very functional, in that it is great for side sleepers, keeps the spine aligned during sleep, isolates motion well, and ventilates well.

8. What is my chief sleeping position?

Each of our Latex For Less latex mattresses is well suited for any sleep position. The firmness level is one of the main considerations that should be made when selecting your latex mattress. Generally speaking, if you spend any amount of time sleeping on your side at night, the Medium version of any of our mattresses is the best choice, and will provide adequate give for your pressure points (especially in the hip and shoulder areas). On the other hand, if you sleep on your back or stomach only, the Medium-Firm will offer you the needed support. That said, the Hybrid Latex Mattress has been specially configured with individual coils below latex for the spinal support and buoyancy that side sleepers need. Ultimately, because all of our mattresses support any sleep position, especially by choosing the right firmness, you really can’t go wrong, no matter how you sleep.

Examples of How Our Mattress Questions Were Answered:

The following are real world examples of how customers made their mattress selection:

1. How John and Sarah Decided on Their Perfect Natural Latex Mattress

John and Sarah were considering latex as a mattress option after learning about latex mattresses from John’s research online. John’s wife Sarah was intent on a solid latex mattress, so when they came to the Latex For Less website, they immediately eliminated the Hybrid Latex Mattress from their shopping options. That left our 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress, or our premium, Organic Latex Mattress. Since they were shopping on a budget, they decided on the 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress, and have been sleeping peacefully and comfortably on the Medium side of the dual-sided mattress ever since. John and Sarah are content they made the right choice, and are happy to have the option of flipping their mattress should their sleeping preferences ever change.


Jennifer never tired a latex mattress before, but she was curious. She heard so many great things about the benefits of an organic latex mattress. But she also really liked the feel of a traditional innerspring mattress, which is what she was used to. Jennifer had been referred to Latex For Less by her friend Stacey, who raved to her about her own mattress she bought from the website. Jennifer decided on our Hybrid Latex Mattress. This turned out to be a great choice for Jennifer, since she was a side sleeper, and also tended to sleep very hot. After sleeping on the mattress for a month, her chiropractor commented to her that her chiropractic adjustments seemed to be holding better than normal. Jennifer attributed this to her new Hybrid Latex Mattress, and has also felt more energetic and less tired during the day since her purchase of the mattress.

3. How Bryce Narrowed Down His Options for His Personal Best Mattress Choice

Price was one of Bryce’s chief concerns in purchasing a mattress, since he had a lot of student debt to pay back. He had been told about latex by a study partner in one of his classes at school. Bryce was pleasantly surprised that among our offerings he could still get a 100% natural latex mattress for even less than the price of a hybrid mattress. Bryce ordered the 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress, and after 8 nights of sleeping on it, thought that the Medium-Firm side he chose might still need some breaking in. When he decided to call us and ask about the break-in period, he learned that he should go ahead and flip the mattress to see if the Medium might be a better fit, since Medium would offer more give in his shoulders and hips. Immediately, Bryce stopped his tossing and turning at night, and began sleeping better than he ever had. With this simple adjustment to Medium, Bryce has been extremely happy with his purchase, and has recommended Latex For Less to all of his family members, and most of his friends.


Steven and Cara knew it was time for a new mattress. Luckily their financial situation allowed them to spend more on luxury and quality. They wanted their purchase to last, and didn’t mind paying a bit extra for premium ingredients and top quality craftsmanship. Steven and Cara chose the Organic Latex Mattress 3 years ago, and have been exceedingly pleased with how well they have consistently slept. A solid 12 inches of certified organic latex will last for decades without impressions or wear, and they report their mattress is as supportive as the very first day they bought it.


John and Ella knew they liked a Medium-Firm mattress for the support it provides. They also liked the idea of feeling like they were floating on a cloud, and hated motion transfer. They also both happened to be side sleepers. They choose the Hybrid Latex Mattress, and are quite happy with their mattress choice. They described it as getting a cloud-like sleep experience, while at the same time enjoying less sleep disturbance from the other partner. Ella usually came to bed later than John, and John had to get up early in the mornings for his job. Their new hybrid mattress helped to eliminate the motion transfer that used to wake each other up at night. The choice of the combined coils and latex has been what they describe as a “transcendental” experience.