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Is having a mattress with two sides really better than a one-sided mattress? Many people say a flippable mattress (or double-sided mattress) is better than a single-sided mattress. Others, on the other hand, claim a traditional one sided mattress is the way to go. So which is it? Below you'll learn more about two-side mattresses, and why investing in a flippable mattress has its perks.

What Is a Flippable Mattress

A flippable mattress is just that - a mattress you can flip over.  Having the ability to flip your mattress over not just provides you with a fresh, new surface to rest on, it also provides the mattress's other side a break to allow it to recover its shape, maintaining its condition.

You can sleep comfortably on either side when you have a two-sided mattress. This helps extend your mattress's lifespan since you're not putting wear and tear on just one side of the mattress.

Some flippable mattresses have a different level of firmness on each side, like the Latex For Less mattress, which offers you durability but gives you the chance to adjust the bed's feel, too.

Benefits of a Flippable Mattress

You'll definitely find a lot of benefits to having a flippable mattress. For one, it’s like you can enjoy two different mattresses in one. In some cases, both sides provide the same feel. In other cases, you can switch between two forms of comfort, allowing you to decide which is more ideal.

You're not only obtaining more comfort, but there are other benefits of a flippable mattress you'll experience as well, including:

  1. They Last a Long Time

If you're taking care of your double-sided mattress properly, it can last longer than with just a single-sided mattress. Since flippable mattresses are crafted so you can flip and turn them periodically, when you adjust them every so often:

  • It causes less indentations
  • It lengthens the life of your mattress

Flipping your mattress regularly can help you obtain a better, more comfortable night's sleep for years — and this can make a huge difference if you're experiencing chronic pain that disrupts your sleep.

  1. They Are a Good Value

Because of their longer lifespan, flippable mattresses are an outstanding value. They'll last for many years, which means you're getting your money's worth. Although you might pay a little bit more initially than you would for a single-sided mattress, flippable mattresses are still a great investment over the long term.

  1. They Can Meet Stringent Fire Code Regulations

When it comes to anything in your house, safety is important. With two-side mattresses, the fire code regulations are often times more strict than with single-sided mattresses. And, this means manufacturers that make flippable mattresses must ensure they're meeting these stringent guidelines to assure their consumers are sleeping on a safer mattress.

  1. They Offer Comfort

Since manufacturers must use high-quality materials on both the mattress's sides, flippable mattresses are usually more comfortable than single-sided mattresses. Flippable mattresses are particularly great at contouring. They easily mold to your body, and relieve pressure on your:

  • Back
  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  1. They Offer Reduced Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly products are being valued more, and with good reason. Manufacturers of two-side mattresses will assure you their mattresses will last a longer time than a single-sided mattress. Because of this, it impacts the environment positively, since it will take a longer time for your mattress to reach the landfill.

  1. They Provide Improved Weight Distribution

There is usually thicker padding on a one-sided mattress, leading to deep body impressions occurring over the mattress's lifetime. This makes it more difficult to move or turn in the nighttime. With a flippable mattress, you're getting a better distribution of weight which allows the bottom side padding of the mattress to recover while you sleep on the top.

  1. They Let You Decide When to Flip

When it comes to a two-sided, flippable mattress, you can decide when it's time to turn it over. While it's suggested you flip and rotate your mattress every three months or so, you always have the choice of when you want to flip it. You don't get this choice with a one-sided mattress.

Enjoy a Latex for Less Flippable Latex Mattress

With the Latex for Less mattress, you can flip the mattress, and indulge in two options of firmness in one mattress. It has a unique two-in-one design with both a firm side and a medium side, which makes it ideal for just about anyone. You just flip your mattress to whichever side you think feels the best— and if you change your mind or want to experiment with a different level of firmness, just flip it over again.

The Latex for Less 100% All-Natural Latex mattress is sustainably harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. It's a pure, botanical product, containing no harmful chemicals. You experience a cloud-like, buoyant sensation, which provides you with the best sleeping experience.

It has a 100% natural wood fire barrier that helps regulate the temperature of your body during the night, all while providing a natural flame-resistant barrier, but with no harsh chemicals.

It's encased in a 100% Organic Cotton cover, which offers you superior softness. You can try the Latex for Less 100% All-Natural Latex mattress out for yourself for 120 nights. Test out the two different firmness levels to find your ideal comfort level. If you absolutely aren't in love with your mattress after the trial period, Latex for Less will come have it picked up for free.

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