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Why Buy A Mattress In A Box?

The quality of your mattress determines the quality of your sleep. In turn, the quality of sleep you are getting each night determines your overall health. Old, worn-down mattresses are a feeding ground for things such as dust mites, or pet dander. In addition to these harmful contaminants that may reside within your mattress, an older mattress that has begun to sag has the potential to damage your back. Below you will learn more about the benefits of the modern-day mattress in a box.

Online shopping has become more and more common among individuals in recent years. Mattress companies have not fallen short in this department. By purchasing an all-natural mattress in a box, you are not only purchasing a new mattress, but you are also saving money as well as providing yourself with a safer sleep environment.

What is a Mattress in a Box?

A mattress in a box is a mattress, most commonly made of foam, that has been air sealed, and rolled tightly into a plastic packaging, which is then placed into a compact box for convenient shipping right to your front door.

A mattress in a box is one of the newest ways to purchase a mattress, right from the comfort of your home. No pushy retail stores, no salesmen, no confusing pricing guides, just a straightforward purchase of your new luxurious sleep oasis.

How Does a Mattress in a Box Work?

When asking the question of why buy a mattress in a box, it starts with knowing how it works. Purchasing a mattress in a box is the newest fad when it comes to shopping for the perfect mattress. While you may not have the luxury to “try before you buy”, being able to purchase a mattress directly from the comfort of your home is unbeatable. There are no pushy salesmen, or additional hidden fees.

What are the Benefits of a Bed in a Box?

While it may seem unconventional to purchase a mattress online that you have never felt the comfort level of yet, there are many benefits when it comes to purchasing a bed in a box.


You are able to shop online from your home, and have your new bed shipped right to your home. The box arrives in a compact box, making it easy to maneuver throughout your home to the desired room.

Easy to Move it Where You Want it to Go

A mattress in a box is tightly rolled into a smaller box, making it less bulky than if you were to go to a store and purchase a mattress to bring home. It is easy to move into your bedroom, where you can unpackage your new mattress, and easily place it onto the proper frame.


The new bed in a box option comes in a variety of firmness levels, materials, and all standard bed sizes including:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Monetary Savings

Purchasing a bed in a box directly from the main source cuts out the middleman of a mattress store, in turn cutting out the added fees for shipping and/or delivery that come along with purchasing a mattress from a store.

Easy Returns

Many companies that offer a bed in a box option offer a sleep trial period, a minimum of thirty days ( Latex for Less offers a 120 night sleep trial), as well as free shipping. It is important that you research the company before you make your purchase.

What are the Drawbacks of a Bed in a Box?

You Cannot Try the Mattress Out Before Making Your Purchase

Possibly the biggest downfall to purchasing a bed in a box is the inability to try the mattress before you buy it, in reference to testing out multiple mattresses in the store. However, a bed in a box often comes with a risk-free sleep trial period, which is a seemingly better option.

Bed Frame Requirements

Most bed in a box mattresses are made of some type of foam product, specifically memory foam. Memory foam mattresses require a supportive base, like a platform frame. Without a supportive bed frame, your mattress is at risk of premature sagging, which may not be covered by your mattress warranty.

Bed in a Box Mattresses are not Ideal for Hot Sleepers

Memory foam mattresses, which are what the majority of bed in a box mattresses are made of, are notorious for holding in and trapping heat, leaving sleepers tossing and turning, trying to find a cool spot to comfortably sleep.

Off-Gassing Odors

Almost all new mattresses packaged tightly into a box have some sort of odor when they are first unpackaged, due to the materials and ingredients used to make them. It may take a few hours to several days for the odor to fully dissipate.

What Types of Mattresses can You Buy as a Mattress in a Box?

  • All foam: all-foam mattresses are typically made of memory foam infused with polyfoam support layers for optimal comfort. Memory foam mattresses are designed to provide pressure relief, and exceptional support.
  • Latex foam: Latex foam mattresses are either made with chemicals, or 100% natural latex. These mattresses come with various layers and densities for comfort levels.
  • Hybrid: a hybrid mattress is made up of a coil support core mixed with foam comfort layers. These are made of latex, memory foam, or both. A hybrid mattress can provide the spring of a coil mattress at the same time as providing the support of a foam mattress.

What Qualities Should I Look for in a Bed in a Box Company?

When seeking out the right mattress company to make your purchase, there are many aspects to research before committing to your purchase. Ensure you seek out a company that offers free shipping, as well as a risk-free trial period with a minimum of 30 nights.

In addition, it is imperative that you research the warranty offered for the mattress you are interested in purchasing. Be sure you know what is covered, and more importantly what is not covered. Even though a mattress is designed to last, a warranty is necessary. Be sure the warranty covers your mattress for at least 10 years, as this is the standard lifespan of most mattresses. Latex for Less offers a 20-year limited warranty period.

How do I Unbox a Bed in a Box?

It is fairly simple to unbox your new mattress. Begin by moving the compact box into the room in which you desire the mattress to be used, it is much easier to move the mattress where you want it while it is still packaged.

If you have purchased a new foundation or platform bed frame, it is recommended to put this together first. Once you have done so, open the box and place the tightly rolled mattress onto the foundation where it is able to fully expand onto the bed frame. Once it is fully expanded, it will be heavier to move.

It may take 24 to 48 hours for the mattress to fully expand to the desired height, depending on how long the mattress was inside the box. If the mattress has not been inside the packaging long, you are likely to be able to use your bed within a few hours, or even right away, as some have reported.

Your mattress will come with instructions on unboxing and unpacking your new mattress. If there are specific guidelines to follow within this set of instructions, it is important that you follow them explicitly, in order to ensure your mattress is unboxed correctly.

It is important that you have the mattress in a well-ventilated area, allowing the mattress to fully off-gas, as there may be an odor from the ingredients used in making the mattress. Natural latex may give off a very temporary “vanilla-like” smell, but that, if any, dissipates quickly.

Does a Mattress in a Box Need a Box Spring?

In short, no. With the right frame, you will not need a box spring. A mattress in a box requires a strong, sturdy foundation similar to a platform frame.

The most commonly recommended bed frames to be used with a mattress in a box, without a box spring, are:

  • A metal frame
  • Adjustable frame
  • Slatted frame with slats less than 3” apart

However, without a strong foundation, a box spring may be needed if your frame is not well suited to support your mattress. Ensure the box spring you purchase is of adequate size to support the size and weight of your mattress, as well as one that will withstand the test of time.

Can You sleep on a Bed in a Box Right Away?

This is not a question with a simple yes or no answer. It depends on many factors. How long has the mattress been in the box? Mattresses that were manufactured overseas are subjected to much more time in the tightly rolled packaging; therefore, it will take longer for the mattress to expand to the desired height.

Mattresses that are handcrafted in the United States, or packaged just before being shipped, often reach their expected thickness in a matter of hours, or even immediately.

What is the Lifespan of a Mattress in a Box?

There is no definitive answer of just how long a mattress lasts, as it varies depending on the materials used, and how well the mattress is taken care of. A well-cared-for mattress made of high-quality material, like natural latex, has been known to last 10 to 15 years or longer.

A high-quality mattress may seem like an expensive upfront cost, but when you think about only making this purchase once every decade or longer, it is well worth the money.

Tips for Buying a Mattress in a Box

Compare the Types of Mattresses Before You Make a Purchase

Mattresses are made up of a number of materials, but how do you know which is best for you? It is important that you do your research to understand the difference in materials to better understand which mattress will best fit your needs.

Check Return Policies

Return policies vary from company to company. Many companies that offer a bed in a box mattress offer a risk-free trial period, meaning this comes with free shipping. You should read into the policy with the company you have chosen to ensure you understand how to initiate a return, and where/how to return the mattress.

Understand the Warranty and What is and is not Covered

Many believe the warranty for their mattress covers any and all damages, but this is not true. Mattress warranties often cover manufacturing defects, such as premature sagging, faulty workmanship, broken or torn handles, or defective seams.

Not covered is natural wear and tear, user-inflicted damage by you, your pets, or your children, or dissatisfaction with the size, material, or comfort quality of the mattress. A warranty is not designed to ensure your satisfaction with the mattress; that is what a trial period is for.

Research the Return Policy

A return policy is put in place to provide an extension of customer service to the purchaser to return or exchange defective or unused and unwanted items that were purchased.

Why Choose Latex For Less in a Box?

At Latex For Less, we set out on a mission to provide you with the perfect mattress. We spent ten years researching, testing, and refining our work, and have been quite pleased with the results. Our mattresses are made of the highest quality, a natural material derived straight from the source.

100% All-Natural Latex

Our 100% natural latex is harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, and contains no harsh chemicals, leaving you with a sleeping surface that is better for your health and offers a cloud-like sensation, cradling you throughout the night.

100% Organic Cotton Cover

Our mattresses are topped with a 100% organic cotton cover. It is made of cotton that has been conventionally farmed, offering superior softness.

100% Natural Wool Fire Barrier

We use 100% natural California wool. Our wool is designed to help regulate your body temperature throughout the night, and provides a natural flame-resistant barrier without any synthetic materials.

Firmness Level

Our latex mattresses are flippable 2-in-1 mattresses. One side is “medium”, made of 100% natural Talalay latex, while the other side is made of 100% natural Dunlop latex. With our versatile mattress, you get the best of both worlds as you can easily flip your mattress to the perfect firmness level to fit your needs.

Trial period

We understand that buying a mattress online leaves you unable to “sample” the product before taking the plunge, and committing to a purchase. In an effort to combat this, we are happy to offer a 120 night home trial period with free shipping.


While we do not foresee you finding your newly purchased mattress unfit for you, should you find yourself unhappy with your purchase, we will pick up the mattress from you, and cover all return shipping charges.


Our natural latex mattress is designed to adapt to your body’s needs over time, providing you with comfortable, supportive sleep for years to come. We stand by the products we manufacture, and their ability to withstand time when properly cared for, which is why we proudly back our natural latex mattress with a 20-year warranty.

Handcrafted in the United States

At Latex For Less, we are proud to keep jobs right here at home, making exceptional quality products while helping to boost the economy at the same time. Our products are all handcrafted locally in the United States.

All Standard Sizes

Our mattresses come in a height of 7” or 9”, along with a variety of sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split queen, and split king.

Bed Frame

The Latex For Less natural latex mattress is compatible with all frames, including platform, adjustable, and frames with slats less than 3” apart. You must use a supportive foundation to prevent premature sagging of your mattress.

Purity Certifications

We have gone through the rigorous process of achieving purity standards including:

  • GOTS Certification
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Eco-Institut

At Latex For Less, you are not just purchasing a new mattress, you are purchasing a safer and healthier, all-natural sleep surface for yourself and your family.

We think every person should have the opportunity to have a healthy, comfortable sleep environment. Because of this, we cut out the middle man of salesmen and retail stores to keep our products affordable for all.

We believe in the importance of a single source for our materials to ensure there is no differentiation from batch to batch. Having consistency allows us to have the perfect amount of support, comfort, and sinkage needed to cradle you in all the right places.

We went straight to the source in Sri Lanka for our single-origin natural latex. The experts at Latex For Less know more than anyone that natural latex has always been the way to go when it comes to your sleep surface, but only a select few could afford it. Memory foam is too hot, traditional coil mattresses wear and require replacing every 5 years, but we have come up with the solution. With our all-natural latex products, including our natural latex mattress and natural latex topper, everyone can afford to sleep comfortably on a safe surface.

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