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When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

Unveiled: The 11 Absolute Best Times to Make a Mattress Purchase

For most people, buying a new mattress is something that occurs once in a decade; however, it's still an important investment. And, the price you pay for it will ultimately depend on when you decide to buy it, since certain times can be better than others. Before you take your credit card out to buy your new mattress, take a look at some of the best times to do so so you'll save some money on your investment.

  1. New Years

Perhaps you're like many Americans who make healthy New Years resolutions, and are looking to start your New Year off on the right foot by living healthier, and getting better sleep. You can start this new healthy living resolution off by finding a great deal on a new mattress. The good news is New Year's often comes with great sales and bargains.

  1. Presidents Day

For many mattress retailers, Presidents Day is among the first of their annual mattress sales. Mid-February is a great time to start comparing coupon codes for different big-brand mattress companies.

  1. Month of May

You'll find good seasonal mattress deals in the springtime, and the merry month of May is one of the best times for finding great deals on mattresses.

In May, many retailers discount old inventory, so they can make room for newer inventory. The entire mattress industry, each year, gives itself until June for completing its last year's mattresses swap-out with newer models. So, May will be the perfect time for snagging a new mattress at an excellent price.

From June through September, new mattress prices tend to be at their highest — that is, until the sales of the fourth of July and Labor Day weekend roll around.

  1. Memorial Day

Start your summer off right by purchasing the mattress of your dreams. The very low prices might just entice you to purchase one, even if you don't need one.

Memorial Day weekend big retailers frequently offer discounts and sales of up to 60% off as they're making room for their following year's inventory.

  1. Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July, mattress retailers often offer:

  • New coupon codes
  • Major discounts
  • Special perks for new customers

Certain Independence Day mattress discounts start in June, and go all the way through mid-July; therefore, keep an eye on the timeline, so you can find the best deeply-discounted prices.

  1. Labor Day

Labor Day might be a great holiday for back-to-school items, like pencils and stationary; however, that's not all. A great deal of mattress retailers start running sales for their mattresses and other bedding items beginning on the Friday of Labor Day weekend, and continue to run their sales all the way through Labor Day Monday, and longer.

You might even find some sweet deals like getting a free adjustable base when you buy a luxury mattress, or paying the same price for a "king" mattress as you would a "queen."

  1. Veterans Day (November 11th)

On this holiday, many mattress retailers are having sales on their items in order to eliminate excess inventory, so they can prepare for the upcoming busy holiday season. Keep your eyes open for new promos and coupon codes from your favorite mattress retailers and brands.

  1. Black Friday (Day After Thanksgiving)

Black Friday is a huge sales event for both cyber retailers and brick-and-mortar, and it often lasts all weekend. During this sales event, you can compare sales from just about every huge major seller to take advantage of price matching offers and steep price cuts.

  1. Cyber Monday (Monday After Thanksgiving)

An e-commerce holiday, Cyber Monday is when a lot of mattress retailers compete with each other for extreme price reductions. Certain sales last the whole week, and many include not only lower prices, but other extra perks.

  1. Back to School

Some mattress retailers, like Latex for Less, offer back to school sales on their mattresses. This can make it a great time to get a new mattress for the little ones in the family, or perhaps one for the grownups!

  1. Amazon Prime Day

For all you Amazon Prime members, July 8th has historically been the perfect chance to scoop up your favorite mattresses, and save big. You'll find some of the best deals through Amazon Prime only on this day; however, other sellers will try and compete by providing notable deals and discounts in mid-July, too.

That said, Amazon reported that Amazon Prime Day will occur later this year. Rumor has it that it’s to occur the first week of October, with some reports nailing down the probable date to October 5th, 2020.

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