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What is the Best Mattress for 2022?

Before buying a mattress, it is always advisable to consider some crucial factors. This is because a mattress is not the kind of product you'll replace after a month or two unless you buy one that's of inferior quality. If you're planning to buy a mattress in 2022, this article will help you choose the best mattress in the market.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Mattress for 2022

When looking for the best mattress for 2022, consider the following factors:

Affordability Combined with Value

These tough economic times don't leave too much room for overspending. For this reason, it's imperative to opt for an affordable mattress without compromising its value. The value of a mattress doesn't have anything to do with its price. Instead, it refers to how effectively the mattress provides a peaceful night's sleep to the user. In short, the best mattress won't force you to break the bank to afford it, or break your back while lying on it.

Mattress Type

Mattresses come in different types, each serving a unique purpose. It's therefore important to understand the different options available in the market when looking for the best mattress. For example, if you usually sleep hot at night and you're looking for the best mattress with cooling capabilities, a latex mattress is what you need. The same can't be said about memory foam mattresses, though - they tend to trap heat, especially at night, making them uncomfortable for hot sleepers.


Mattresses often seem to have the same shape but are designed differently. Therefore, the best mattress is one that's designed to support various parts of your body as you sleep. This, of course, depends on your specific needs. For example, if you struggle with lower back pain, the best mattress for you is one that supports your back, ensuring proper spinal alignment as you sleep.

The mattress should also provide enough edge support. Having a mattress with proper edge support prevents the sleeper from falling over the edge of the mattress while sleeping. Additionally, a mattress with great edge support makes it easier for the sleeper to get out of bed.

Pressure Relief

A mattress that doesn't provide pressure relief comes with several health-related risks. For example, older adults who struggle to change positions as they sleep risk developing pressure sores when they sleep on a mattress that lacks pressure relief capabilities. The same also applies to heavy sleepers; they need the kind of mattress that supports the pressure between the mattress and their bodies as they sleep.

Body Contouring

The best mattress should contour to your body's shape, not the other way round. If the mattress is too rigid, it won't contour to your body's shape. On the other hand, if it's too soft, it can actually cause body aches, especially if you're a heavy sleeper.

Spinal Alignment

As mentioned before, proper spinal alignment prevents back pains. Other than back pains, sleeping on a mattress that doesn't support proper spinal alignment leads to:

  • poor posture
  • mobility issues
  • permanent joint deformities
  • respiratory complications
  • reduced range of motion

Among other health-related complications.


There's a common misconception that a mattress that is too firm lasts longer, making it the best mattress in the market. On the contrary, you'll develop body pains when you sleep on such a firm mattress for an extended period. Therefore, the best mattress is one that's neither too soft, nor too firm.

This also depends on the type of material used to manufacture the mattress. The best mattress is one that attains a certain level of support and firmness enough to accommodate and contour to the sleeper's body. That's exactly what you get when you invest in a latex mattress, the best mattress you'll find in the market.


Like many other products, some mattresses emit harmful chemicals into the environment. This happens when it's time to get rid of the mattress. At a time when environmental pollution levels are skyrocketing, the responsibility to take care of the planet starts with you. And, you can do this by investing in environmentally-friendly mattresses made from natural materials, such as latex.

Temperature Regulation

The last thing you want is a mattress that retains heat at night. The best mattress should be warm enough to provide that cozy feeling while you sleep on it, and not too cold to make you uncomfortable. Therefore, when shopping for the best mattress for 2022, remember to determine if it has temperature regulation capabilities.

For instance, a latex mattress is the best mattress if you need something that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. On the other hand, firm memory foam mattresses aren't usually so great at temperature regulation.


Did you know that the kind of foundation you intend to use on your mattress determines the quality of sleep to expect even if you purchase the best mattress in the market? For example, a spring foundation doesn't usually work well with a memory foam mattress; some even struggle to hold the memory foam mattress in place! But when you invest in a mattress foundation made from natural spruce wood and has a soft cotton cover, it guarantees a peaceful night's sleep.

Sleep Trial Period

Mattresses take time to conform to the sleeper's body type and preferences. So, it's difficult to tell whether a particular mattress suits you just by sleeping on it for a few nights. But of course, if the mattress is of terrible quality, one night is enough to decide to let it go. But if the mattress is of great quality, it'll need a couple of nights to adjust to your body.

This explains why the best mattress comes with a longer sleep trial period. The sleep trial period gives the sleeper enough time to decide whether the mattress suits their preferences, or needs to be replaced.


The best mattress from a great manufacturer comes with a warranty. When a mattress lacks a warranty, chances are it's of poor quality, and its manufacturers don't even have confidence in it. A lengthy warranty allows you to return the mattress if it doesn't meet certain conditions. Therefore, the longer the warranty, the higher the quality of the mattress. 

Return Policy

Suppose you aren't pleased with the mattress. In that case, returning it to the manufacturer or supplier shouldn't be that much of a problem. However, you don't want a manufacturer or supplier who doesn't provide a favorable return policy.

Chances are they're trying to get rid of the mattress as soon as they can, and that's why they'll make it difficult for you to return it. This might be in the form of expensive return fees, and other ridiculous conditions. That's not the best mattress to invest in.

2022 Best Mattress FAQs

When are the Best Times to Buy a Mattresses in 2022?

Knowing the best time to buy the best mattress can save you a lot of money. Here are some pro tips for buying the best mattress throughout the year.

To begin with, if your mattress is between 7 to 10 years old, you need to have it replaced as soon as possible. Most mattresses within this age bracket are usually too old to serve the sleeper as they did the years before.

In winter, you'll find many deals online due to the festive season, particularly Christmas and New Year's. Most mattress manufacturers and vendors provide incredible discounts for their mattresses around this time. This is also one of the best times you buy the best mattress as a gift for your loved ones.

During spring, you'll also find great deals around March or April. This is usually around the time when everyone's preparing for Easter.

You'll also find amazing deals on Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, and other special holidays or events in the summer.

As you approach fall, there's the Thanksgiving holiday, and a host of other special events happening both locally and nationally.

Bottom line, there's no specific time that's right to purchase the best mattress; any time is best as long as the mattress is affordable and of good quality.

Additionally, you might need a new mattress when:

  • moving into a new residence
  • remodeling your home
  • buying a vacation home or condo
  • your innerspring mattress is more than five years old
  • when there's an amazing, irresistible deal (they don't come easy)

Is it Better to Buy a New Mattress Online or in a Store?

Buying a mattress online is better. Given that online stores are cheaper to manage than traditional brick-and-mortar stores, mattresses purchased online are usually cheaper. Besides, online shopping is more convenient.

What’s the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers?

A latex mattress is the best mattress for side sleepers. This is because it offers more bounce and a faster response time than a memory foam mattress. However, if you need a mattress with deep compression support, slower response time, and motion isolation, a memory foam mattress works best.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Better Than Latex Mattresses?

Latex mattresses have more benefits than memory foam mattresses. First, latex mattresses are eco-friendly and great for side sleepers, hot sleepers, combination sleepers, and stomach sleepers. On the other hand, a memory foam mattress traps heat, has a slow response time, and sinks too deep, especially for heavy sleepers.

What are Hybrid Mattresses?

Hybrid mattresses combine coils, and at least two inches of comfort foam. The foam used to manufacture hybrid mattresses may consist of latex form, gel memory foam, serene foam, poly-foam, among other types of foam.

How to Sleep Better in 2022

Before we look at various tips on sleeping better in 2022, let's first discuss what happens when you don't sleep well.

Research suggests that chronic sleep deprivation leads to various health-related issues such as:

  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • heart attack
  • heart failure
  • stroke
  • obesity
  • depression
  • lower sex drive
  • impaired immunity
  • among others

In addition, sleeping in the wrong position can also affect your health. Some examples of health-related issues deriving from bad sleeping positions include:

  • obstruction of airwaves to your lungs, leading to sleep apnea
  • constant neck and back pain
  • constant fatigue
  • transfer of toxins to your brain
  • among others

Now that you know the effects of not sleeping well, let's look at how to sleep better in 2022.

As you write down your New Year's resolutions for 2022, be sure to include the following in your sleep routine.

Clean Up Your Bedroom

According to the National Sleep Foundation, at least 62 percent of people believe that a clean bedroom makes them sleep better. This is actually true; a clean bedroom relaxes your mind, providing the perfect atmosphere for sleep.

For best results, start by creating a routine when you wake up. For example, make your bed every morning right after waking up. This routine is not only great for your personal development and self-discipline, but also makes you look forward to a peaceful night's sleep.

Wash Your Bedding

A neatly-made bed won't feel as comfortable and inviting if the bedding isn't clean. Wash your comforter at least twice a year, or even more if stained.

Have you ever wondered why most people sleep peacefully in hotels than at home? It's all in the bedding; when they're well taken care of, the quality of sleep significantly improves.

Have Dinner Three Hours Before Bedtime

Don't eat dinner and go to sleep right away. This increases the chances of stomach problems or even heartburn. Instead, it's advisable to let the food digest for a while, preferably two to three hours after dinner, before going to bed.

Take a Shower Before Bedtime

A shower before bedtime significantly increases the quality of your sleep. Sleeping when you're tired or sweaty makes it even more difficult to fall asleep. On the other hand, a bath cools down your body, gets rid of toxins, and provides the perfect body temperature for a peaceful night's sleep.

Invest in a Great Mattress

A good mattress is good enough to sleep on, but that's not what you should opt for. Instead, you deserve the best mattress with temperature regulation capabilities to keep you warm or cool, depending on the temperature in the room. Temperature regulation isn't the only characteristic of the best mattress, though.

As mentioned earlier, the best mattress:

  • contours to your body
  • provides sufficient support
  • provides pressure relief
  • provides proper spinal alignment
  • is environmentally friendly
  • is affordable
  • is of the right quality and value

Avoid Sleep Disruptions

When it's time to go to bed, it's always advisable to get rid of any disruptions that might affect the quality of your sleep. For example, this is not the time to check what your cousin posted on Instagram. Instead, keep your phone (and remote control) away before going to bed. However, if you love listening to soothing music at bedtime, you can set up a playlist well in advance, and then keep such devices away from your reach.

Stretch Before Bedtime

Stretching before bedtime helps calm your muscles, signaling your body that it's time to shut down for bedtime. For best results, consider doing some yoga exercises for bedtime.

Improve Your Bedroom's Ambience

Your bedroom's ambiance determines the quality of sleep to expect. Consider introducing dim bedroom lighting if you don't like sleeping with all lights turned off. Additionally, avoid facing the alarm clock at your bedside (if you have one). This is because most people wake up randomly at night when turning, and get distracted by conspicuous items such as alarm clocks. 

Avoid Caffeine Before Bedtime

While this sounds like common knowledge, you won't believe the percentage of people who drink caffeine before bedtime. Approximately 90 percent of the US population drinks caffeine, with a huge number consuming it right before bedtime. No matter how much you love caffeine, it's always advisable to avoid it two to three hours before bedtime, or you'll be up all night.

Avoid Long Naps at Daytime

Daytime naps come with numerous health benefits; there's no doubt about that. However, it's never advisable to take long naps in the day, especially if you wish to sleep better at night. If you have to take a nap during the day, make sure it's timed. Various studies recommend naps lasting between 10 to 20 minutes. While it may be tempting to extend the time, this could mean struggling to fall asleep at night.

Create a Bedtime Routine

Studies have shown that your body performs better when following a particular routine. For example, creating a bedtime routine helps your body naturally shut down when it's time to go to bed. For best results, it's advisable to get at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. This routine also prevents the various complications related to sleep deprivation, as mentioned earlier.

Don't Take Liquids Before Bed

Most people who take liquids before bed usually struggle with maintaining an uninterrupted sleep pattern due to nocturia. Nocturia is a medical term meaning excessive urination at night. If you have to drink fluids at night, do it no later than one or two hours before bed.

About Latex For Less Mattresses

Even though this sounds like a broken record, you should never underestimate the importance of choosing the best mattress. Remember, you don't usually buy mattresses every month or two, and that's why it's important to choose the best mattress the first time.

Latex For Less Mattresses is the place to shop if you're looking for a mattress that will not only serve you for years, but also provide numerous health benefits needed to guarantee a peaceful night's sleep.

Here's why.

Made of Nature's Finest Ingredients

Latex For Less mattresses are made of 100% natural latex, organic cotton, and pure, natural wool. Combining these three materials makes Latex For Less mattresses some of the most eco-friendly mattresses you'll ever find anywhere in the market.

Two-in-One Mattresses

Latex For Less Mattresses are flippable, providing two firmness levels (medium and medium firm) in one mattress. To put this into perspective, many mattress manufacturers only produce one-sided mattresses, meaning if you don't like the sleeping surface, you'll have to replace the entire mattress. Having a Latex For Less mattress gives you the chance to try two different sleeping surfaces, and settle for the one you prefer.

Eco-Friendly Mattresses

When you buy your mattress from Latex For Less, you'll play a significant role in environmental conservation. This is because our mattresses consist of environmentally-friendly materials. So, when it's time to get rid of the mattress, up to 15+ years later, you won't have to worry about destroying the planet with a non-biodegradable mattress.

Lengthy Sleep Night Trial Period

Latex For Less mattresses come with a 120-night sleep trial period. The best part of their sleep night trial period policy is that it's commitment-free. This means you don't need to keep the mattress if you don't like how it feels; you can always return it to the manufacturer within the first 120 days after purchase.

Free Return Pickup

Speaking of returning the Latex For Less latex mattress, the company provides one of the best return policies you'll ever find anywhere in the market. You don't need to return the mattress yourself; if you aren't satisfied with it, we'll pick it up when you submit a return request. This saves you time, energy, and money!

The Mattress in a Box Approach

Latex For Less mattresses come in a small box, which is easy to navigate inside your residence. In addition, a mattress in a box is compression rolled, meaning it won't lose its shape when unboxed. The mattress in a box approach also makes it possible for Latex For Less to ship multiple mattresses simultaneously, which explains our free shipping offer.

20-Year warranty

Given that a warranty is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a mattress for 2022, you'll be glad to find out that Latex For Less mattresses come with a 20-year warranty against the manufacturer's defects. Additional details about this incredible policy can be found on the warranty page.

Affordable and Reliable

Mattresses from Latex For Less are made from latex harvested in Sri Lanka. No middleman is involved during harvesting, manufacturing, and importing the latex, which explains the affordable pricing. Besides, you can count on Latex For Less mattresses to serve you for many years without losing their quality.

Additionally, Latex For Less mattresses are:

  • GOTS and OEKO-Tex certified
  • handcrafted in the USA
  • available in different sizes (twin xl, full, queen, cal king, king, etc.)
  • ideal for different sleeping positions
  • great at pressure relief
  • comfortable and durable
  • ideal for sleepers who need edge support

Adding a Latex For Less mattress to your shopping list for 2022 is the first step towards achieving a peaceful night's sleep. The best part of it all is the fact that these mattresses are designed to provide the ultimate comfort while protecting the environment, providing a win-win, stress-free experience!

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