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What is the Best Foundation for My Latex Mattress?

Choosing a mattress for your latex mattress might feel like a challenge. It doesn’t have to be. This guide will help you identify the characteristics that make a foundation ideal for your latex mattress.

Are Box Springs a Good Choice for Latex Mattresses?

Many people still have box springs from their traditional mattresses, and wonder if you can reuse them for your latex mattress. The problem is that while they act as decent enough “shock absorbers” for traditional mattresses, they aren’t the best choices for latex mattresses that require firmer support from a more solid and stable structure.

Latex mattresses are not the lightest mattresses on the planet. You need a foundation that can provide plenty of support for the mattress and the bodies that sleep on the mattress. The average set of box springs are simply not up to the task.

What about a Solid Platform Foundation?

A solid platform foundation is an acceptable choice for some people when it comes to finding a suitable foundation for a latex mattress. It does present some problems, however, by limiting airflow to the mattress. Since many people choose latex mattresses specifically for the amazing airflow, this type of foundation would negate the benefit altogether.

The platform provides the height that most people prefer, and it does get your mattress off the ground. The trade-off, though, when it comes to lack of airflow, over other foundations, makes solid platform foundations unattractive options.

Are Metal Platform Beds Good Choices?

Metal platform beds can be a good fit for latex mattresses. However, they need to be built to handle the substantial weight of your latex mattress, plus the weight of anyone sleeping on the mattress as well.

They do provide adequate airflow, and are often quite affordable. The other concern many people feel about buying metal platform beds involve their impact on the planet.

Is a Slatted Foundation the Best Choice for Latex Mattresses?

If you choose the right slatted foundation, it very well may be. Slatted foundations provide adequate air flow to support the cool night’s sleep many people desire from their latex mattresses. Additionally, they offer firm support with just the right amount of flexibility, to support outstanding spinal alignment.

The best slatted foundations for latex mattresses are those that have slats no more than three inches apart. Other characteristics you want to look for when choosing a slatted foundation for your latex mattress include the following:

  • Easy assembly. The Latex for Less foundation can be assembled easily from the box. You don’t even need any tools to put it together.
  • Made with planet-friendly materials. This will you sleep better at night knowing no harm came to the planet in the making of your foundation. The Latex For Less slatted foundation is certified by both the Rainforest Alliance and the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Edge-to-edge support. This is important for the sake of your latex mattress, and your comfort while you sleep. No one wants to feel like they’re going to roll off the edge of the bed.

These foundations are often affordable, and work with your existing bed frame, giving you several options for utilizing your foundation, without impacting your décor.

One final option to consider is an adjustable base for your new latex mattress. These bases are built with latex mattresses in mind, and can easily support the weight of the mattress. They are a more costly option, but many people feel the benefits they deliver make it well worth the cost.

The Latex for Less Mattress Foundation offers a total package of features, benefits, and cost, making it the best foundation for your latex mattress.

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