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Latex For Less Mattress: 7" vs. 9"

Latex for Less specializes in latex products, including our Latex for Less mattress. For many years, only the most serious sleep enthusiasts had knowledge about an incredible secret - natural latex is the ultimate best sleeping surface around.

Because of this, mattress companies, all over the world, have priced their natural latex mattresses high. In fact, they were marked up so high, there were very few lucky people that could actually enjoy them.

It shouldn't be this way, which is why Latex For Less wanted to change it. We cut out the middleman, and partnered directly with farmers to offer consumers an affordable single-source natural latex mattress.

Latex for Less Mattress: 7" vs. 9"

The natural latex mattress by Latex For Less is flippable, with a different firmness on each side. You can select between a couple thickness levels for your mattress (7 inches and 9 inches).

9 Inches

The Latex For Less mattress's 9-inch has one side made with Talalay latex, which provides a medium firm feel, and the other side is made of Dunlop latex, which provides a firmer feel.

Since you can flip the mattress, you'll benefit from each latex comfort layer serving as the support core of the bed when you're using one side.

There are natural wool layers on both sides to provide you with additional padding. Not to mention, the whole mattress is enveloped in a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton cover.

7 Inches

You'll find the 7-inch mattress is a bit different from the 9-inch version. The 7-inch mattress has one Dunlop latex layer, with one side made to provide you with a medium firm feel, and the other side made to provide you with a firm feel.

But, the mattress feels firmer than the 9 inch mattress because of its shorter profile. There are also natural wool padding batting layers on both sides, and it too comes with the organic cotton cover.

Which is Better?

If you like to sleep on an incredibly low profile mattress, select the 7-inch. Certain sleepers feel the shorter mattress is much more comfortable. Usually these are children and people who are less than 130 lbs in weight. Both of the mattress's sides are relatively firm, since the model is short; therefore, you might have a difficult time distinguishing between the firm and medium firm.

If you prefer a slightly thicker mattress, select the 9-inch. Latex For Less's 9-inch mattress is still seen as a low profile bed, but with the extra couple of inches, you're provided with additional support and padding, if you weigh more than 130 lbs. You can notice the difference in firmness on this model.

Performance of the Latex For Less Mattress

  1. Temperature Control

One major strength of both models is temperature control. This is primarily because of the mattress's materials. There are tiny holes in the latex for ventilation, which promotes airflow throughout the interior, helping the mattress stay comfortable and cool.

The layers of wood batting also help to regulate temperature as well as wick moisture away from your body. And, the cover is also extremely breathable, too.

Overall, if you're looking for an alternative to sleeping hot on foam, the Latex For Less mattress is your answer. Solid latex often absorbs and traps body heat; however, models with ventilated latex, such as Latex For Less, usually provide a more breathable option.

  1. Pressure Relief

The 7-inch doesn't conform extremely closely on either side. Even though the medium firm surface does contour a little more than the other, you'll get a fairly firm feel with both sides. This model might not ease pressure if:

  • You're a side sleeper
  • You feel more comfortable on a closely conforming mattress
  • You weigh less than 130 lbs

The 9-inch tends to be slightly plusher on the medium firm side, offering you ideal pressure relief if you're a side sleeper and weigh less than 130 lbs. You're better off going with the firm side if you sleep on your stomach and back, and weigh less than 130 lbs. You won't sink too much around your waist and torso, and you should feel less pressure throughout your body because of this.

  1. Off Gassing

Many mattresses give off some odor at first when you just remove them from their shipping packages. Foam layered beds often emit the most persistent and strongest off-gassing odors. Latex beds, such as the natural latex mattress by Latex For Less, don't have that much potential for odor. They have a fainter natural vanilla-like odor that typically goes away much quicker.

Latex For Less mattresses contain layers of ventilated latex. Through the promotion of interior air circulation, these mattresses seem to air out faster, and shouldn't retain any unwanted odors after several days. For quicker results, you could place your unboxed mattress in a room that's well ventilated for a couple days before you sleep on it.

Give the Latex For Less mattress (7-inch or 9-inch) a try for 120 nights, and if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, Latex For Less will come pick it up, and provide you with a full refund. You'll also receive a full 20-year warranty.

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