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What is the Best Bed Frame?

If you have a perfect mattress from an affordable brand like Latex For Less, you need a premium quality bed frame to complement it.

Even when you get premium bedding, you need an equally supportive and high quality bed frame to get a memorable sleep experience. A high-quality bed frame can make your bedroom more aesthetic, and adequately support your mattress, helping you sleep comfortably at night.

The best bed frames have the correct height, allowing you to get in and out of bed quickly, and are made from the material of your choice, such as wood or metal. A high-quality bed frame will also provide a firm and even surface and adequate support to hold your mattress in place, without making any annoying squeaky noise.

What to Consider When Shopping for the Best Bed Frame?

Before shopping for a bed frame to support your mattress, you need to consider your preferences regarding the height of your bed, whether you want a wood bed frame or a metal bed, and whether you want upholstered beds to add comfort and luxury to your sleeping experience.

Here are some features of a high-quality bed frame.

Bed Frame Style

A frame for your bed comes in a variety of styles, right from luxurious canopy beds to simple and sturdy solid wood frames. To determine what suits your preference and lifestyle, research before getting a bed frame that can elevate your sleeping experience to the next level.

For instance, you can look for upholstered bed frames, if you like a cozy atmosphere, or go for solid wood or metal if you want the traditional minimalistic look.

Your bed frame typically takes the most place in your bedroom. You need to invest in one that is aesthetically pleasing, and makes you feel relaxed and peaceful.

Bed Frame Height

You can choose between a height that makes climbing into and out of your bed easier, or one that is close to the ground. Some people prefer a high-bed frame for the look it provides to the room.

Bed Frame Size

The size of your bed frame is one of the first things you must consider. It must be an exact fit to your mattress size. Bed frames, depending on the mattress size, are available in Single/Full/Queen/King sizes.

The most common bed sizes available are

  • Single or Twin size: 38" x 75" (suitable for one)
  • Twin XL size: 38" x 80" (ideal for one)
  • Full or Double size: 54" x 75" (suitable for two sleepers)
  • Queen size: 60" x 80" (two sleepers can fit comfortably)
  • King size: 76" x 80" (two sleepers can fit comfortably)
  • California king size: 72" x 84" (two sleepers can fit comfortably)

If you are getting a bed frame before investing in a mattress, measure your bedroom to know what size bed will fit there before shopping for your bed frame.

Bed frames can be bulky, and when adding head and foot boards, they can take up a lot of space in your room. Purchasing frames for your bed with storage can make them more cumbersome to handle.

If you have a smaller bedroom, ensure enough room on the sides to make getting in and out of bed easier. Of course, getting a frame with under bed storage is helpful for small bedrooms.

Also, it helps to consider the hefty delivery fee and the cumbersome setting up process before investing in a bulky bed frame.

Bed Frame Material

Bed frames come in a variety of materials, like solid wood, engineered wood, metal, and upholstered fabric. Each type can have its benefits or limitation with respect to style, durability, maintenance, cost, comfort, and supportive features.

Wood: For instance, typically, the best bed frames are made from pure wood, and are often more robust and durable than engineered wood, but they can be an expensive and heavier option.

Metal: On the other hand, metal frames are an affordable option. They can look stylish, and are easily maintained, but squeaky metal frames can cause sleep deprivation in the long run.

Upholstery: If you want a bed frame that provides support and comfort with a luxurious feel, you need to consider an upholstered bed frame. An upholstered bed is usually an affordable and versatile bed frame made from light linen blend upholstery. The beds are usually accompanied by a comfortable headboard and wooden legs, adding to the classy look, while wooden slats provide the necessary support.

Bed Frame Types

Like materials, you need to consider your preferences when looking for the style of bed frame that suits you the most. Some of the varieties of bed frames available are the following.

Standard or Traditional Beds

The metal frame has an open structure that cannot hold a mattress on its own. They would require a box spring or foundation to support your mattress adequately. The box spring or foundation shall sit on top, providing a firmer base, and additional support to your bed.

Typically the box spring or foundation would add to the bed frame height by lifting it up. Box springs can also increase the mattress's lifespan by preventing early mattress sagging.

Quiet Balance Bed Frame From Latex For Less

Consider the Quiet Balance Bed Frame from Latex For Less if you want a traditional bed frame. The premium quality frame has a heavy-duty steel core with a sound absorbing solid construction to block noise, allowing you a good night’s sleep. It’s not a squeaky metal bed frame; it’s designed to be quiet.

The bed frame provides superior edge-to-edge support, has no rough edges, and perfectly matches the latex mattress and the premium foundation from the same brand.

With an 8-inch rise, adequate space for under bed storage, and an easy bed setup with no tools required, it is one of the best traditional bed frames available.

Platform Beds

The bed frames do not need a box spring support and have wooden lattices or slats placed close together to support your mattress. You can also find complete wood bed frames that act as a platform beds.

Platform beds are affordable as they cut the cost of additional support in the form of a box spring or foundation, and are easier to set up. It typically lies close to the ground, making it difficult to get into and out of bed.

The best platform beds available on the market usually have a sleek design, with the base of the bed made from repurposed wood. It can come in a solid wood bed frame, or metal versions, with or without added features like a headboard, either made from solid wood, or available in the form of a upholstered headboard.

If you want a solid wood bed frame, you can choose from a wide variety available. Most popular bed frames are made from MDF frames, while others use solid wood or engineered wood in building the beds.

The bed frames often come with headboards made from oak wood, and have rounded corners to provide a sleek and classy look. Based on your preference, you can choose from a simple wood bed frame with no headboard, one with a solid oak veneer headboard, or one with an upholstered pillow headboard.

The beds have a supportive layer of evenly placed wood slats that makes the box spring or foundation optional.

If you want an affordable bed frame that is sturdy, and can hold the weight of a Queen or King-sized mattress, you can get a metal bed frame. The bed frame has a classic look, with a powdered steel finish. Metal beds are built from sturdy metals, and often have layers of charcoal powder coating to provide an expensive look on a budget.

Storage Platform Bed

Storage beds are similar to the platform bed, as they do not require the additional support of a box spring or foundation, and have supportive features of their own. But unlike platform beds, they have drawers or storage boxes built within the bed.

The best storage beds often come with storage options that merge seamlessly with the bed, forming clean lines and a minimalistic look. Modern bed frames with storage options usually are pricier and heavier in comparison to ordinary platform beds, and have sturdy construction.

Customizable Platform Beds

Customizable platform beds generally come with a modern minimalist look with clean lines, and require minimal setup. The bed frames can be customized, depending on your preference for height and position, and go perfectly with modern bedrooms.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are growing in popularity, thanks to their customizable features. They can be adjusted to suit your sleeping position, and offer numerous health benefits.

With adjustable frames, you can modify the bed’s position by elevating the head or the foot of the bed. It can be used as a hospital bed, or put you in a comfortable position if you tend to work or eat in your bed.

Because of its adjustable nature, you need to buy a compatible mattress, whether latex, hybrid, or foam bed, that fits the size and description of the bed frame.

An adjustable bed frame can be pricier than traditional models, as they require professional installation.

If you want an adjustable bed, you can get a wooden or metal bed that comes with an adjustable base, and other additional features like a wireless remote to adjust the head and foot position as necessary, and to control the base of the bed.

Some of the other high-tech features available with such adjustable bed frames are voice commands, a dual USB port, massage motors, and inbuilt lights.

Panel Beds

They typically require box springs for additional support. Panel beds often have a flat headboard or footboard.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds have four posts at each corner connected at the top, forming a canopy like structure, and which can be added to an existing bed frame. The canopy structure in a bed can be purely for decorative purposes, or to hold curtains or drapes.

You need to get a canopy bed if you want a romantic bedroom setting. The best canopy bed can add a romantic flavor to your bedroom with its exciting combination of contemporary upholstered frames with powder coated steel supports. Canopy beds can compliment an upholstered headboard.

Four Poster Beds

Similar to a canopy bed, the four poster bed has four posts at each corner of the frame. The posts can be short or quite tall in length.

Assembly Needs

Most of the best bed frames come with easy-to-follow instructions to assemble in your home. For instance, the Latex For Less Quiet Balance Bed Frame can be setup within about 5 minutes, using no tools.

Before investing in your ideal bed frame, you need to consider the assembly tools you might need to put it together. Also, a heavier weighted bed can require more people to carry it to your house than a lighter, easy-to-manage version.

Many bed companies are providing white glove delivery service, either free, or at a cost, to help you assemble your bed. White glove delivery service typically delivers your bed frame to your doorstep, and would help set up the bed in a room of your choice.

Additional Features

If you want a luxury bed frame, they can come with additional features, like secret headboard drawers, headboard brackets, and USB ports. You need to consider the features you want, depending on your preference, lifestyle, and budget.


Bed frames come in a variety of prices, usually between $200 to $2000, depending on the style, materials used, and construction. To get the best quality bed frame, look for solid pine wood frames with integrated side rails, and attached double strength slats and wood headboards.

If you want one of the best bed frames, without spending a fortune, you can consider beds made from durable steel with metal or wooden slats. Sometimes an affordable bed frame often comes with an attached bamboo headboard that is easy to clean and set up.

On the other hand, if you are someone who does not mind splurging on your bed, the best bed frame you can buy are the ones made from solid wood.

Beds made from high quality solid or engineered wood are often kiln-dried to prevent warping with time. The luxury platform beds usually have thick, sturdy slats, which can be covered with plywood to support an extra heavy mattress.

Most high-end beds come with an upholstered finish, and a white glove delivery service within the contiguous U.S.

What is the Best Type of Bed Frame to Buy

The best type of bed frame would be the one that is ideal for your lifestyle. It must be compatible with your style, have high quality materials, and must be supportive and durable to help you get the sleep you desire.

If you are getting the bed frame for everyday use, consider investing in one that is made from solid wood or metal. Such bed types, unlike the more luxurious upholstered bed frames, are easy to maintain, and can handle the rigors of everyday use.

Also, beds made from engineered wood and metal bed frames are easy to clean and maintain.

Keep in mind some engineered wood might not be considered to be one of the best bed frames you can purchase, as it may not last as long as a bed frame built with higher-quality materials.

If you want to get a more durable bed frame, look for beds that are built with joints, rather than held together with screws. It helps if they have underneath center support and wooden or metal slats that are closely spaced to provide an even, firm surface.

Bottom Line

A good quality bed frame can spruce up the look of your bedroom, and provide adequate support to help you get a memorable sleeping experience. Make sure to consider your room and mattress size, and your preference for bed height or material, to get the perfect bed frame of your dreams.

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