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The Double-Sided Mattress

With all the remarkable mattress options on the market today, perhaps the most exciting is the most innovative mattress of all, the two-sided mattress. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why should I buy a double-sided mattress – or even consider one?” The truth is that there are plenty of reasons. You’ll learn about all the great reasons to consider a flippable mattress and more, if you continue reading.

One-Sided Versus Two-Sided Mattresses

A one-sided mattress may be a flippable mattress. Just because it is a mattress that can be flipped, it doesn’t mean that it’s a mattress that offers a different experience when sleeping on the other side. A truly reversible mattress, in contrast, offers two different sleep experiences when you flip the mattress. That’s what sets a one-sided mattress apart from a two-sided mattress.

Features of a Double-Sided Mattress

Many people find the features of double-sided mattresses are what drives them to buy these types of mattresses over one-sided alternatives. These are some of the more popular features of double-sided mattresses to consider and look for when choosing your next mattress.

  • Each side of a double-sided mattress should have something different to offer, so that they can meet a variety of needs.
  • Because these mattresses are made to be flipped, they are usually made of tougher, more durable materials that can withstand the flipping process. This also helps them last longer than the average mattress.
  • Accommodates changing needs over time. Because you have two sides of the same mattress, your mattress can better accommodate your evolving needs in a mattress.

Because you’re essentially getting two mattresses for the price of one, the final feature to expect from your two-sided mattress is “more bang for your buck.” It’s not a small feature to consider.

Benefits of a Double-Sided Mattress

There are plenty of reasons to consider a double-sided mattress to bring into your home. These are just a few of the benefits you might enjoy by making the switch to a double-sided mattress.

  • Double-sided mattresses last longer. Because you flip them periodically, these mattresses maintain their support, and avoid uncomfortable sagging, lumps, and bumps longer than those that are not regularly flipped.
  • They have a lower environmental impact. It’s true. Because these mattresses last longer, they are less likely to end up in landfills as quickly. You can reduce the environmental impact of your double-sided mattress even further with the purchasing choices you make, such as choosing a natural latex mattress, which offers incredible durability and long-lasting support. Plus, they are recyclable.
  • Some double-sided mattresses offer multiple levels of comfort. For instance, the Latex for Less double-sided latex mattress is firm on one side and medium firmness on the other, giving you different options for your comfort needs.
  • Many double-sided mattresses offer longer trials. Some sleep trials are up to 120 nights, in some cases, so that you can explore both sides to make sure the mattress is a good fit for your needs.
  • Can be budget-friendly options. This is because they often last longer than traditional innerspring mattresses. It comes down to choosing a double-sided mattress that is built to last.
  • Many double-sided mattresses have longer warranties than traditional mattresses. This means that not only do these mattresses last longer, but that the manufacturers are willing to stand behind these claims, so that consumers can buy with confidence.

Understanding these differences can help you make better informed choices when buying double-sided mattresses, and if you believe one will be a good fit for you.

Tips to Flip a Double-Sided Mattresses

Flipping mattresses has been a time-honored tradition over the years, with many mattress owners dutifully flipping mattresses twice a year to prevent lumps, bumps, divots, etc. from forming in their innerspring mattresses.

The idea is that by rotating and flipping your mattress periodically, you can avoid the indentations your body would make over time by sleeping in the same spot year after year. The wide popularity of “pillow top” mattresses brought that tradition to an end, but the two-sided mattress is bringing it back into fashion across the country.

In case you are one of the many who hasn’t had the occasion to flip a mattress during your adult life, or even if it has been years since you actively engaged in the practice, these tips will help you flip your double-sided mattress for the best possible effect.

  • Be consistent. Once upon a time the rule of thumb was to flip with daylight saving time changes. However, the new standards would have you using one side of the mattress far longer than others. Instead, stick to a fall-spring or winter-summer schedule for flipping your mattress.
  • Don’t forget about mattress rotations. While that isn’t necessary with natural latex mattresses, other types of mattresses may fare better if you rotate them with the changing of each season (four times per year instead of the two in which you are flipping the mattress).
  • Get help flipping larger or heavier mattresses. Not only can the mattresses be quite heavy, many of them are also unwieldy. You don’t want to throw out your back, or take out a ceiling fan in the process of flipping your mattress.
  • Remove all sheets and mattress protectors before flipping. This is a good time for a deep cleaning of these things, and allowing your mattress to air out a bit after it is flipped.

Whether your goal is to extend the life, comfort, support, and usefulness of your mattress, or you simply want to explore the benefits of “the other side” of your double-sided mattress, flipping can help you get a better night’s sleep, longer in many situations.

The Latex for Less Double-Sided Mattress

The Latex For Less double-sided mattress offers all the benefits mentioned above, plus a few additional benefits you might want to explore. For instance, it also offers:

The additional benefits Latex For Less mattresses bring to the table include the following:

  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • Made with all-natural materials
  • No petroleum-based additives
  • Organic cotton
  • California wool
  • Amazing prices for quality latex mattresses

Look no further in your search for an amazing double-sided mattress to meet your sleep needs. Contact Latex For Less today, to completely transform your sleep experience.

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