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Best Mattress for Sex

An estimated 36 million mattresses are sold each year in the United States alone, yet many shoppers find themselves unsatisfied with their purchase once they get home. Whether the mattress does not feel as comfortable in the store, or it makes sexual activity less enjoyable, thousands of mattresses are returned.

When shopping, consider how much time you spend in bed. The average person spends at least 26 years throughout their lifetime in bed lounging, sleeping, or having sex. You want to look for a mattress that is comfortable and supportive, but keeps you cool as things start to heat up. That said, millions wonder what is the best mattress for sex.

Types of Mattresses

The ideal mattress will hit all key points of comfort, support, and pressure relief, but with a never-ending mattress market, it can be difficult to know which mattress is best for you for sleeping, or for sexual activity. Here, we’ve broken down the most popular mattresses on the market to make choosing your new mattress a bit easier.

Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are offered with a wide variety of features, like cooling gel, increased support, and a vastly differing price range. These mattresses contain a comfort layer provided by dense foam, without the support of metal coils. Foam mattresses often offer optimal support and pressure-relieving properties, as the foam contours closely to the body.

Types of Foam Mattresses

There are many types of foam mattresses including:

Memory Foam

Memory foam became increasingly popular in the 1970s when NASA began using it to cushion and support pilots during historical launches of aircraft. Memory foam mattresses are made with highly elastic, dense polyurethane foam designed to hug the body tight to keep you supported throughout the night, even as you change sleep positions. Traditional memory foam is notorious for trapping body heat, which can make it more difficult to get comfortable during and after sex. Some couples don’t enjoy the sinking feeling they get during sex on a memory foam mattress.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Unlike traditional foam, a gel memory foam mattress is infused with millions of microbeads designed to draw heat away from sleepers, rather than trap it within the mattress. Cooling beads can be infused into most types of foam mattresses, and are made to create pockets within the foam layers for optimal airflow. Therefore, couples are unlikely to get as hot during sex as they would on a pure memory foam mattress without cooling technology.


Polyfoam mattresses are made using a synthetic blend of petroleum-based chemicals. These mattresses contain a plethora of chemicals; however, during the manufacturing process, they are thoroughly washed to decrease chemical exposure. Shoppers looking to purchase a polyfoam mattress should look for companies that hold the Certi-PUR-US certificate, showing safe purity standards have been met.

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is constructed with a blend of foam layers and spring coils. These coils are found in the bottom layers of the mattress to form a support core, while the top layers are a variety of foam layers for optimal comfort. Hybrid mattresses allow for optimal comfort, support, and pressure relief, as they are not too firm, yet not too soft, making them great for sex.

Latex Mattress

Latex was first used in 1931 to construct mattresses, and has grown to become among the most popular bedding options available. There are several types of latex, ranging from naturally-harvested rubber tree sap to create natural latex, synthetic latex, or a blend of synthetic and natural materials for a less-expensive alternative.

Types of Latex Mattresses

Natural Latex

Natural latex is made from rubber tree sap tapped from a rubber tree that is at least 6 years old. Once procured, the rubber sap is quickly whipped into a frothy material, without any added chemicals or toxins, and poured into the mold to begin the process of creating your natural latex mattress. Couples find natural latex mattresses responsive and inherently cool, making them well-suited for sex.

There are two types of manufacturing processes for creating a natural latex mattress:

Dunlop Process

The Dunlop process pays tribute to John Boyd Dunlop, the 1920s inventor of latex foam. During this process, manufacturers whip the materials into a frothy foam, pour the foam into a mold with one pour, and place it in a vulcanizing oven to be baked. Once finished, the foam mattress is removed from the oven, thoroughly washed, and placed once more into the oven to dry. The Dunlop process allows manufacturers to create latex mattresses with a high-density bottom layer, and plush soft top layer.

Talalay Process

The Talalay process, first used in the 1940s, has been tweaked throughout the years by manufacturers. Similarly to the Dunlop process, the rubber tree sap is whipped into a frothy foam material; however, it differs a bit after that. The whipped foam is poured to halfway fill the mattress mold, vacuum sealed, infused with carbon dioxide, and rapidly frozen to expand the latex, creating a fluffy mattress with an even feel throughout.

Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex mattresses are made using man-made petrochemicals, rather than naturally-harvested rubber tree sap. Manufacturers use synthetic materials to create a latex mattress that mimics natural latex, without the higher price tag. Though this is a less expensive alternative, synthetic latex is packed with harsh toxins and chemicals that can impact your health over time.

Combination Latex

Many manufacturers offer a mattress with a blended variety of natural and synthetic latex foam materials known as a blended, or combination latex mattress. These mattresses are praised for sex, as they offer similar comfort and features of natural latex, but do contain chemicals that could deter you.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are one of the oldest types of mattresses on the market, dating back as far as 1871. These mattresses are made with innerspring coils, individually-wrapped coils, and coils encased in layers of latex, foam, or other materials, like cotton or wool. Some couples find innerspring mattresses ideal for sex, as they are extra bouncy, comfortable, and come in a variety of firmness levels to meet their needs. That said, some innerspring mattresses may be noisy, which may be a distraction for sex, or enable others in the household to hear what’s going on in the bedroom.

What is the Firmness Scale of Mattresses?

The firmness level of a mattress refers to the softness or hardness of the entire surface of a mattress. It is often rated on a standard 10-point scale; however, ratings may slightly vary among different mattress companies. As a general rule of thumb, a soft mattress will have a lower score than a firmer mattress. As far as sex goes, mattress firmness is a matter of preference, with most people leaning toward a medium or medium-firm mattress as their favorite for intimate activities.


An extra-soft mattress sinks significantly when pressure is applied from a sleeper’s body. These mattresses are often graded as a level 1 on the firmness scale.


A soft mattress will contour the body, and sink quite a bit while you are sleeping. Soft mattresses are graded as a 2 to 3, and are the best mattress for side sleepers, as the plush feel keeps them well-supported throughout the night.


A medium-soft mattress is a comfortable and supportive mattress that is great for most sleeping positions, and among the best mattresses for sex. A medium-soft mattress still has some body contouring, but it sinks less than a softer mattress, providing excellent pressure relief. This mattress type is usually graded as a 4 on the firmness scale.


A medium mattress is rated as a 5 on the universal firmness scale. It contours to the body slightly, but offers better support than a softer mattress surface.


A medium-firm mattress is one of the best mattresses for sex, as it does not produce excess sinking, but rather leaves you feeling lifted out of bed. Rated as a 6 on the firmness scale, a medium-firm mattress is great for all sleeping positions, including back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers, as it provides exceptional support.


A firm mattress is rated between 7 to 9, and is best for back sleepers. Firm mattresses are not good for sex, as they cause increased pressure and impact on the body during movement.


An extra-firm mattress, rated as a 9 to 10, offers no sinking comfort or contouring support. This type of mattress leaves you feeling on top of the mattress, but can make it difficult to get comfortable for most.

How Much Time does the Average Person Spend in Bed?

Choosing the right mattress is more important than ever, as the average person spends nearly one-third of their life in bed. Whether it be lounging or relaxing, sleeping, trying to fall asleep, or engaging in sex — the right mattress has to check off multiple points on a checklist.

How does Your Sleeping Position Affect Mattress Buying?

Mattress shoppers should be looking for a durable mattress made with high-quality materials, but not all mattresses are designed to support your sleeping position. A new mattress may feel comfortable while testing it in the store, but when you get home and settle into your sleep position, you have a hard time getting comfortable. The best mattresses for back sleepers will differ compared to the best mattresses for stomach sleepers or combination sleepers, as the support level needed differs.

What Makes a Mattress the Best Mattress for Sex?

Sex can take place anywhere, but most sex takes place in the privacy of a master retreat. A noisy mattress, or uncomfortable mattress, can make sex less enjoyable, while the ideal mattress can create an enticing environment for you and your partner.

Many factors should be considered when choosing the best mattresses for sex like:


A bouncy mattress is great for sex, as it helps to support physical activity without leaving you to sink too much into the mattress, or feel harsh impacts from movement. Innerspring mattresses, natural latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses are among the best mattresses for sex, as they are bouncy mattresses with exceptional pressure relief.


The responsiveness of a mattress allows it to rebound quickly as you move around, and return a luxury mattress to its original shape when body weight is removed. Rather than you fighting against the force of a mattress, a responsive mattress moves with you, allowing you to get the necessary traction for enjoyable sex.


A new mattress is an investment, therefore mattress shoppers should search for a durable mattress that will withstand the pressure, movements, and wear from sleepers and their activities. Increased activity in bed from sex leads to increased wear, but this can be combatted with high-quality materials, enhanced construction, and properly caring for the best mattresses.


A noisy mattress can make sex less enjoyable, but a responsive mattress is known for increased noise. This aspect comes down to personal preferences, and shoppers must determine which factor is more important - less noise, or a more responsive mattress.

The best mattress to avoid excess noise, without compromising a responsive mattress, is a hybrid mattress. These mattresses offer high response from individually-wrapped coils, without compromising other key factors of comfort with cooling gel memory foam, natural Talalay latex, or other materials like an organic cotton cover.

Edge Support

Edge support refers to the stability surrounding the edge of a mattress. Edge support is crucial for those who sit on the bed while dressing, sleep near the edge of the bed, and especially during sex, as you and your partner move about the bed. A hybrid mattress offers great edge support for sleepers.

Temperature Regulation

The best mattress for sex is a cooling mattress designed to cool you down as things heat up. Traditional memory foam is notorious for trapping body heat, making it more difficult to get comfortable after sex, regardless of your sleeping position, edge support, or mattress firmness level. The best latex mattress, memory foam mattresses, and hybrid mattress offer cooling properties to keep you cool throughout the night.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is not necessary during sexual activity, but it can be helpful to get a good night’s rest with a partner who moves about frequently.

Pressure Relief

The best mattresses come in multiple firmness options to alleviate aches and pains in high-pressure areas like the hips, shoulders, and back.

Firmness Level

There is no universal firmness level that will work for every sleeper. Multiple firmness levels range from soft to firm, with multiple options in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Mattress Firmness Level is Best for Sex?

A mattress that is too soft can make sex difficult, as you sink too far into the mattress. On the other hand, a mattress that is too firm can make activities painful from the impact on the body. Experts recommend a medium-firm mattress, generally ranging between 4 to 7 on the firmness scale, for a combination of support and comfort.

What Type of Mattress is Best for Sex?


A hybrid mattress has a coil base with a comfort system top layer of organic cotton, foam, or latex, making it a bouncy mattress that is responsive during sex, motion isolating, and an excellent mattress for sex.


An innerspring mattress has a coil base, encased in a cotton or fabric cover. It has no comfort system like the hybrid mattress does, relying solely on the bounce from springs for comfort. Innerspring mattresses are bouncy, but they do not offer pressure relief, or motion isolation.


Many luxury mattresses are made with latex. Latex is one of the best mattresses for sex, as it offers multiple layers of support, responsive layers, and body-contouring support.


All layers that make up a foam mattress are made from layers of foam, whether that be a memory foam layer, polyfoam layer, or other types of foam. High-quality materials in foam mattresses offer increased pressure relief, with less impact on the body during sex.


At Latex For Less, we offer a variety of mattresses sure to keep you comfortable night after night along. Whether you are looking for a flippable mattress, or a latex mattress, our products are made with organic materials to keep you comfortable and safe.

Flippable Mattress

Our  Two-Sided Latex Mattress offers a medium density on one side, and a medium-firm density on the other.

Hybrid Latex

With a top layer of organic latex surrounding individually-wrapped coils, you are sure to sleep soundly, and experience unmatched sleep quality on a  Hybrid Latex Mattress.

Organic Latex

Made with 12 inches of certified organic latex, our  Organic Latex Mattress offers moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry, while maintaining pressure relief and support.

Who says you have to compromise on sleep quality or sexual activity? At Latex For Less, our mattresses are made with high-quality materials designed to not only keep you cool and comfortable every night, but also help you enjoy intimacy with your partner.

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