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Natural Latex Mattress:
2-Sided (Medium and Firm)

Our 2-sided natural latex mattress is made with the finest quality organic latex, organic cotton and organic wool. Get 2 firmnesses in 1 latex mattress - firm on one side and medium on the other side. Flip your mattress to the firmness that is best for you. Enjoy superior comfort and support, at a great price. Certified by GOLS, GOTS and Eco-Institut for purity.

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A Natural Latex Mattress at a Great Price.

latex sap from Hevea Brasiliensis tree


Our natural latex mattress is a pure, botanical product that is sustainably harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. It contains no harsh chemicals and provides a buoyant, cloud-like sensation for the ultimate sleep experience.

organic cotton plants


When it comes to superior softness, organic cotton outperforms conventionally farmed cotton every time. We only use the finest organic cotton for our cover, because who wants to sleep with a bunch of agrochemicals?

natural wool fire barrier


Our California wool is all-organic and breathes better than synthetic substitutes. It helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night and provides a natural flame-resistant fire barrier without synthetic chemicals.

Your 120 Night Home Trial Awaits

free shipping

We want to make it easy for you to experience the comfort of the Latex for Less natural latex mattress, so we ship it directly to your door or first threshold for free.

120 night trial

Enjoy the best sleep of your life, commitment-free. Try the Latex for Less all-natural latex mattress for 120 nights before you make up your mind.

free return pickup

With two firmnesses in one, you’re sure to find your perfect comfort level. But if you don’t absolutely love your Latex for Less natural latex mattress, we’ll come pick it up.

Two Levels of Comfort, One Perfect Natural Latex Bed

Latex for Less mattress layers
organic cotton cover

We only use the finest certified organic cotton, stretched (not woven) to provide the softest, most welcoming sleep surface imaginable.

natural wool fire barrier

Our wool fire barrier exceeds safety standards without any toxic chemicals and helps keep you cool while you sleep.

medium natural latex layer

Place this side on top to enjoy delightfully responsive, all-natural latex that has a little more give.

firm natural latex layer

Place this side on top for a mattress that offers firmer support with all-natural latex, while still molding to your body for unbeatable comfort.


Country of Origin
Designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA
Construction & Materials

Made with a combination of organic latex a for cloud-like sensation and comfortable sleep and all-organic wool that keeps you cool while you sleep. Our cover material is certified organic cotton that is stretched to provide soft sleep surface.

9" Latex For Less Mattress:

  • GOTS certified organic cotton cover
  • ½ inch organic wool
  • 6 inches of organic latex in firm (85 Density)
  • 2 inches of organic latex in medium (75 Density)
  • ½ inch organic wool

7" Latex For Less Mattress:

  • GOTS certified organic cotton cover
  • ½ inch organic wool
  • 6 inches of organic latex in firm (85 Density))
  • ½ inch organic wool
Measurements & Dimensions
  • Twin 38 x 75
  • Twin XL 38 x 80
  • Full 54 x 75
  • Queen 60 x 80
  • King 76 x 80
  • Cal King 72 x 84
Shipping Info
We ship in a small box via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground.
Shipping Costs
Free shipping and free returns in the continental United States.
Organic cotton cover - Latex For Less GOTS Certification
organic latex - Latex For Less organic latex Oeko-INSTITUT Certification
Our organic California wool is purchased from an organic wool farm in California.
20-year limited warranty. Read more.

Choosing the Right Bed or Foundation

box spring foundation

Our Latex for Less Foundation provides consistent head-to-toe support for your new natural latex mattress. You can also use a box spring with solid wood slats that are no more than 3” apart.

flat platform or slatted base

A flat platform or slatted base will work for your latex mattress as long as your slatted base has firm, unyielding slats that are no more than 3” apart

adjustable bed base

For optimal comfort in every position, we recommend the Latex for Less Adjustable Base. With the ability to customize your perfect sleep position, it’s the ideal companion to your new natural latex mattress.

The Perfect Bed for Any Space

The Perfect Bed for Any Space

Helpful FAQs

  • What type of latex is in this mattress?

    The Latex for Less 2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress contains natural latex in both medium (75 density) and firm (85 density).

  • Is the latex natural latex, or is it blended or synthetic latex?

    We only use natural latex. We do not use any blended or synthetic latex.

  • What is the composition of the 9" natural latex mattresses?

    9" Latex For Less Natural Latex Mattress:

    • GOTS certified organic cotton
    • ½ inch organic wool
    • 6 inches of natural latex in firm (85 Density)
    • 2 inches of natural latex in medium (75 Density)
    • ½ inch organic wool
  • What certifications does this natural mattress have and where are the links?

    Organic cotton cover - Latex For Less GOTS Certification

    natural latex - natural latex Oeko-INSTITUT Certification

    Our organic California wool is purchased from an organic wool farm in California.

  • Where does the latex come from?

    We work directly with the largest latex plantations in Sri Lanka to bring you the highest quality all natural latex available on the planet, made from the pure sap of the Hevea Brasilienesis rubber tree. Our latex meets the stringent standards for Oeko-Tex certification, is harvested eco-responsibly, and we carefully observe the manufacturing and import process direct to our factory for quality assurance.

  • What is the ILD of the latex in each layer in the 9" latex mattresses?

    Firm - organic Latex, D85 Density

    Medium - organic Latex, D75 Density

  • What type of cover does this mattress have? Where are the certifications for this?

    Our (stretch knit, non-woven) cotton covers are made from cotton that is certified organic through GOTS. You can view the organic cotton GOTS certificate for our cover here. We find that stretched cotton not only feels better than quilted or woven cotton as a sleep surface, but knitted organic cotton can stretch in any direction because the stitches are in loops, which offers more “give” and elasticity compared to woven cotton covers. Woven cotton covers do not stretch as much, because strands are tightly packed together and several criss-cross over one another, offering minimal elasticity and pressure relief for the sleeper.

  • What type of fire barrier does this latex mattress have?

    Our mattresses use organic California wool as a fire barrier, without any harmful fire-retardant chemicals. Wool is one of the few all-organic materials that has inherent fire-resistant properties, which allow us to comply with federal flammability regulations. Our wool fire barrier exceeds safety standards naturally without the use of ANY toxic chemicals, and as a bonus, it also helps keep you cool while you sleep.

  • Do both sides have a wool layer?

    Yes. Our Latex for Less latex mattresses have organic California wool layers on each side to help keep you cool regardless of which side you sleep on.

  • Where is this latex mattress made?

    Every Latex for Less natural latex mattress is handmade to order in our mattress factory in Southern California. We ship from our factory directly to your door via FedEx within 5-7 days from placing your order.

  • How do I know which firmness is best for me?

    Unlike other mattresses, one of the huge advantages of buying a Latex for Less mattress is that you don’t have to choose your firmness right now. Every Latex for Less mattress has two firmness options built into its custom, flippable design. You can change your firmness at any time by simply flipping your mattress over. If it’s too firm, flip it!

  • How can I tell which side is medium and which side is medium firm? Where are the directions?

    There is a small label on your mattress which indicates which side is medium and which side is medium firm.

  • Do the 9" mattresses ship in one box, fully assembled?

    Yes. Our latex mattresses are compression rolled, using state of the art compression machines, and are shipped via FedEx, in one box.

  • What is the return policy? Can I get a full refund if I don’t like it? What is the free trial about?

    Latex for Less offers a worry-free, 120 night money back guarantee for all latex mattresses purchased through our website. We also offer free shipping and free return shipping, so it won’t cost you anything to give our mattress a try.

    If for any reason at all you don’t love your Latex for Less mattress, simply give our customer service department a call at 888-522-1449, and we’ll provide you with a return authorization number and further instructions for returning your mattress for a quick & complete refund. We’ll then schedule a carrier to pick up your mattress at your home at no cost to you, and issue a full refund once it is received.

    We do also sell Latex for Less mattresses on Amazon and other 3rd party websites. If you purchase one of our mattresses through a 3rd party website and not directly through our website, shorter return periods and stricter return policies may apply to your purchase, based on that 3rd party website’s rules and regulations.

  • What is the warranty? Where is the link for this?

    Rest assured, your custom-made Latex for Less mattress arrives with a full 20-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. For full details, please visit our latex mattress warranty page.

  • How do I get the latex mattress back in the box if I decide to return it?

    There is no need to use the original box. If you would like to return your mattress, please call our customer service department at 888-522-1449, and we will walk you through the details on how to prepare your mattress for our return carriers.

  • How long does it take to get the latex mattress after I order it?

    Each latex mattress is handcrafted by experienced craftsman in our California production facility and custom-made to order. We do not keep large stacks of mattress inventory sitting around our warehouse for years like some of our competitors. We handcraft your mattress using the freshest, finest organic materials just for you. It generally takes about 3-7 days to build and deliver your custom-made mattress, depending on your location. We’ll provide you with a FedEx tracking number as soon as it’s built and shipped.

  • Why is a solid natural latex mattress better than a hybrid or memory foam mattress?

    Memory foam and other “sciency” mattresses contain man-made chemicals and have a tendency to “off-gas”, i.e. create unpleasant odors. Memory foam is also reported to sleep “hotter”. A natural latex mattress is one that is made from plant-derived latex rather than chemicals or synthetic petroleum-based latex. The natural latex in our Latex for Less mattresses is made from the sap of the Hevea brasilienesis rubber tree, with no artificial chemicals or fillers.

    All natural latex mattresses also contain organic ingredients that are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, and have a springiness and pressure-relieving properties that neither synthetic latex nor memory foam can match. We truly believe natural latex mattresses are the most comfortable, healthiest mattresses available.


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