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Why is a Clean Bedroom Important?

When you dust and vacuum your bedroom regularly, you help to ensure the air is clear of dust particles and allergens. If you drop or throw clothing and other items into piles, onto the floor, or on furniture in your bedroom, instead of always putting them where they belong, chances are your room often gets pretty messy.

If you find yourself stepping over and around piles of dirty clothes and other things around your room to get what you need, or get to your bed, your room is already very messy. Or, if you leave plates with food crumbs in your bedroom or nightstands and dressers covered with dust, you’re not sleeping in the most hygienic environment.

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, and your room is the first thing you see every morning, and the last thing you see at night. While you may not be totally aware of it, the spaces we live in, particularly our bedrooms, affect how we think, feel, and behave.

Therefore, by taking a little bit of time each day to put things back where they belong, and routinely cleaning, you can keep a clean and tidy bedroom, and prevent it from falling into messiness, while also supporting a healthy mind and body.

Reasons for Keeping a Clean Bedroom

There are so many reasons to keep a clean bedroom, including the ones listed below, that you may find you benefit from.

1) You will set yourself up for better sleep and better health.

A clean bedroom is directly connected to better sleep and better health. Studies show that cluttered rooms can make it harder and longer for people to fall asleep, whereas people calm down, and have lower levels of stress in clean rooms, making it easier to fall asleep.

Having a clean room is a much more relaxing environment than a messy one. It reduces stress, and promotes calm, making for better sleep quality, and a good night’s rest. Getting quality sleep doesn’t only make you feel better in the morning, but it’s essential for your health.

2) You will better remember what you own.

When you have a messy and dirty bedroom, things you own tend to hide. When this happens for a long period of time, or you just aren’t thinking about it too much, you may end up forgetting everything you own.

However, if you keep a clean and tidy bedroom, you’ll always remember what you own, because everything is easy to see or put away where it’s supposed to go.

3) You will save time.

Not only do people tend to forget what they own when they have a messy room, but searching for things in a unkempt room makes everything more difficult. You either don’t know where to look for your missing item, or you have to look in several spots before you can find what you need.

If you have a clean room, on the other hand, locating what you need when you need it is simple. A tidy sleep area is an organized room, so you should know where everything is. This saves you time by eliminating any need to search or scour your room like you would if it was dirty.

4) You may find you are more productive.

Cluttered bedrooms create feelings of disorganizatioin. Taking one simple step every morning can greatly improve your productivity, and make sticking to other good habits easier. That simple step is making your bed after you wake up. When you make your bed every morning, it allows you to complete a good task immediately after waking up, and it can make cleaning your room easier.

This also applies to putting your clothes away. Once you have one piece of clothing strewn on the floor, you may make a pile without thinking about it. But, taking the time to put your clothes away will lead to a habit of putting clothes where they belong, until you eventually start doing it without thinking.

5) You will develop better habits.

Taking simple steps like making the bed in the morning can lead to more organization spilling into the rest of your lifetime, and the rest of your bedroom. When you start the day with one organizational task, like having a made bed, it makes other organizational tasks, later on, seem easier, and more doable. You may even find that making your bed each morning makes you more organized in your work life.

6) You will tidy up your mind.

Psychologists believe that a cluttered room is a reflection of your mind. It can lead to a disorganized mental state. On the same note, a tidy space may represent a tidy mind. Taking the simple steps to clean your room, and keep a clean room, will make your mind feel more at ease, and reflect that organization on your mental state.

Marie Kondo states in her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, that tidying up leads to more tidying up. So, once you start making your bedroom tidy, you’ll have an easier time tidying up the rest of your life. She recommends people asking themselves if a particular item “sparks joy”, and if it doesn’t, it can be discarded. In other words, does the item bring happiness to you?

7) You may feel more happiness.

Similarly, keeping a clean room may make you happier, whereas a messy room will do the opposite. For example, a messy room may be a contributing factor to depression for some people.  Plus, if you have a untidy room that you feel the need to clean, but don’t, this may make for added stress.

On the other hand, the feeling of going into your room at night to find it clean will make you feel more at ease, and make getting a good night’s sleep easier.

8) You might have a better social life.

When your bedroom is dirty, it may affect your social life. You may be less willing to invite people over to your house if your house or room is messy. Therefore, if you keep everything clean and well-kept, you’ll be more willing to invite friends over, which will only help your social life.

9)  You might have reduced allergies.

Dirty rooms are packed with dust particles, allergens, and possibly crumbs, too. A clean, uncluttered bedroom has fewer of these irritants, and will help you to reduce your allergies while you’re in your room, and while you sleep. Allergies can be bothersome, and they can interfere with good sleep. So, letting in some fresh air, and keeping your room clean, may help to reduce your allergies.

10) You can get a self-esteem boost.

Another one of the many benefits of a clean room is that it boosts self-esteem. When you wake up, or open your door, to an uncluttered room, you’ll find that it’s easier to feel good about yourself, which will inevitably raise your self-esteem levels.

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