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Which Mattress Lasts the Longest?

We've all heard the saying that a good mattress is an investment – that's very true. Investing in a mattress is as good as investing in your comfort, general health, and wellbeing. But did you know that some mattresses last longer than others?

And, given that durability is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a mattress for you or your beloved, how do you choose the right one? Today, we'll explore the different types of mattresses available on the market, and identify those that last the longest. We'll also discuss different factors that make a particular mattress more durable than other alternatives.

So, without further ado, let's begin by identifying the most common types of mattresses. 

Types of Mattresses

There are four most common mattresses: innerspring, foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses have a built-in metal coil support system. These mattresses are usually among the most common types of mattresses on the market.

They are often referred to as the "traditional mattress" because they've been around for decades. However, due to the rising popularity of better and more advanced mattress versions, innerspring mattresses are becoming less popular for reasons you'll find out later in this article.

Memory Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses derive from various materials, including memory foam, latex, and gel. They are also among the most popular types of mattresses on the market. But, like the innerspring mattress, the popularity of memory foam mattresses has sharply declined in recent years, being replaced by hybrid and latex mattresses.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is made with pure latex, a type of rubber. Latex is eco-friendly, made entirely from natural material, derived from rubber trees used to produce durable and long-lasting mattresses. It contains no harsh chemicals, and offers unparalleled support.

Hybrid Mattress

If you've been shopping for mattresses lately, you've probably heard about hybrid mattresses, and all the hype about them. A hybrid mattress is a type of mattress that combines two or more different types of mattress materials. The most common type of hybrid mattress pairs an innerspring coil system with latex foam, or memory foam, in some cases.

Which is the Most Durable Mattress?

Now, here comes the big question – which is the most durable mattress, and what makes them last that long? Latex and hybrid mattresses are more durable than traditional memory foam and innerspring mattresses.

To understand the topic of durability in mattresses, it's important to know the materials used to manufacture these mattresses. That brings us to the next topic.

What Makes Latex Mattresses Durable?

No doubt that latex mattresses are incredibly durable — they can last for many years (upwards of 20 to 25 years) with proper care. This is because latex is a natural material, sourced from rubber trees, and known for its strength.

Latex mattresses are also resistant to dust mites, mold, bed bugs, and mildew. As a result, they tend to last longer than traditional mattresses because they have a significantly lower risk of breaking down due to mite, mold, or mildew infestation.

But, the same cannot be said about many other types of mattresses, especially memory foam and innerspring mattresses. One of the most common disadvantages of memory foam mattresses is that they tend to attract dust mites, which ruins their quality, and shortens their lifespan.

What Makes Hybrid Mattresses Durable?

As mentioned earlier, most hybrid mattresses combine innerspring coils and latex or memory foam. As a result, hybrid mattresses are more durable than traditional mattresses.

Here's why:

The coils from the innerspring system add support to the mattress, allowing it to accommodate the sleeper's weight, without altering its shape or form. This is especially true in mattresses made with the innerspring system and latex. In addition, since latex is naturally elastic, and the innerspring system is designed for support, this combination helps prolong the hybrid mattresses' lifespan.

Hybrid mattresses also have a thick layer of padding on top, which protects the coils and foam from wear and tear. This means that your hybrid mattress will last longer. But, the same cannot be said about traditional mattresses; they don't usually have a protective layer at the top, making them more prone to wear and tear.

Why are Memory Foam Mattresses not so Durable?

One of the main reasons memory foam mattresses are less durable than other types of mattresses is that they are made of softer materials. For instance, a memory foam mattress is designed to contour your body, meaning it does not offer the same support and resistance as a slightly firmer mattress material. Over time, this can lead to sagging and indentations in the mattress, making it less comfortable, and shortening its lifespan.

Additionally, memory foam mattresses can be more susceptible to body impressions than other mattresses. Body impressions occur when your body weight creates an impression on the mattress, preventing it from springing back.

This is most likely to happen if you sleep in one spot on the mattress for too long, or if you don't rotate the mattress regularly. While body impressions are not necessarily harmful, they can make the mattress less comfortable, causing it to wear down faster.

Why are Innerspring Mattresses not so Durable?

Innerspring mattresses have been around for over a century, and are still among the most popular types. However, some downsides to innerspring mattresses make them less durable than their alternatives.

For instance, innerspring mattresses typically tend to sag over time. This happens when the coils lose their shape, and become less supportive. Keep in mind that this can happen even with high-quality innerspring mattresses, not just inferior ones.

When the springs continue to sag, they may break, rendering the mattress useless and uncomfortable. As a result, they mostly don't last longer than traditional mattresses.

What are the Benefits of a Latex Mattress?

Durability isn't the only reason to invest in a latex mattress, although it is a major contributing factor. Here are additional reasons you should consider investing in a latex mattress.

For starters, latex is a natural material derived from rubber trees. As a result, a latex mattress is environmentally-friendly. So, if you're the type of sleeper that cares about the environment, and is looking for an eco-friendly mattress, you'll enjoy sleeping on a latex mattress.

Latex mattresses are also very supportive, and can accommodate different types of sleepers. So, whether you're a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or any other type, a latex mattress offers the ultimate comfort.

In addition, this mattress is known for providing pressure relief. This is especially important for individuals who struggle to fall asleep due to bedsores and general body aches. To put things into perspective, latex mattresses are usually highly recommended by physical therapists, orthopedists, chiropractors, and other health professionals.

As mentioned earlier, latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew. This makes them a good choice for individuals with allergies.

In addition to their many health and sleep-related benefits, latex mattresses are also available in various firmness levels. As a result, you can choose the level of support that best suits your needs and preferences.

What are the Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress?

Since a hybrid mattress combines the best features of innerspring, latex, and foam mattresses, this combination provides the benefits of all types of mattresses. They include the support of a coil mattress, the comfort and pressure relief of a foam mattress, and the eco-friendliness, durability, and bounciness of latex.

That said, some additional benefits of hybrid mattresses include the following:


Hybrid mattresses are very versatile, and can be used for different types of sleepers, regardless of their sleeping position or body weight.


These mattresses also offer excellent support, while still maintaining high comfort levels. As a result, you won't have to worry about waking up with body aches when you sleep on a hybrid mattress all night long.

Temperature Regulation

Most hybrid mattresses are cooler than traditional foam mattresses, making them ideal for hot sleepers. This is because the coil system found in innerspring mattresses allows for proper air circulation during hot nights, keeping the sleeper cool. On the other hand, since latex is also great at temperature regulation, a hybrid mattress containing latex will also help keep your body warm during cold nights.


One thing you need to know about 100% natural latex mattresses is that they cost more than most traditional mattresses. This is because they contain natural materials that provide many sleep-related benefits, as discussed earlier.

However, not every sleeper can afford a 100% natural latex mattress, and that's completely understandable. For this reason, the hybrid option offers the best of both worlds, but at a more affordable price than a natural latex mattress.

How to Improve Mattress Longevity

Although certain mattresses last longer than traditional ones, mattress durability also depends on how well you take care of them. That said, here are some quick tips to help prolong mattress lifespan.

Choose the Right Mattress

Needless to say, you should think about the type of mattress you want. As discussed earlier, there are four main types of mattresses on the market: spring, latex, foam, and hybrid. The type of mattress you choose will determine the mattress durability.

For best results, opt for a latex mattress — most latex mattresses tend to last at least 20 years. However, the only downside is that they cost more than traditional mattresses. But, considering the many sleep benefits, and the fact that it's more durable, investing in such a high quality mattress is a great idea.

Also, keep in mind that each mattress has its own pros and cons. For example, spring mattresses are often less expensive than traditional mattresses, but don't provide as much support as other types.

Choose the Right Size

Next, consider the size of the mattress. Most mattresses come in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. The right mattress size for you or your loved one will depend on factors such as body size, body weight, sleeping habits, and the size of the room where they intend to use the mattress. To make your mattress last longer, choose one that perfectly suits the sleeper's size, and supports their sleeping patterns.

Choose the Right Firmness Level

The firmness level is also yet another crucial factor to consider. Again, the right mattress firmness will depend on the sleeper's body weight and preferences. For instance, if you weigh more than 200 lbs, you'll want a Medium-Firm or Firm mattress. On the other hand, a softer mattress might be the ideal option if you weigh 150 lbs or under.

Protect the Mattress

Each mattress comes with unique instructions. For instance, using a waterproof mattress protector or a mattress topper, like this Latex for Less latex mattress topper, can help maintain the integrity of the mattress for many years. It’s therefore important to read the manufacturer’s instructions on taking care of the mattress to make it last longer, including how to keep the mattress clean.

Know Where to Buy a New Mattress

However, choosing a mattress shouldn't be that complicated. But, since body weight isn't constant, you want to avoid being stuck with a mattress that no longer feels comfortable a few months down the line.

For this reason, it's important to know the right places to shop for a durable mattress. For instance, at Latex for Less, one of the most reputable mattress manufacturers in the US, we offer durable mattresses with two built-in firmness levels, so you won't have to struggle to choose the right one for you or your beloved.

If you don't like how the mattress feels, you can simply flip it over, and enjoy the firmness level of the other side of the mattress. This flippable design gives you peace of mind, knowing that no matter the mattress type you purchase from Latex for Less, you'll enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

Finally, you should pay attention to the warranty. By now, you probably know that some companies offer longer warranties than others. This indicates how long they expect their product to last.

For example, Latex For Less mattresses come with a 20-year warranty, a true indication of the manufacturer's confidence in the quality of their products. However, keep in mind that not all mattresses you encounter on the market, whether latex or hybrid, are genuine. Some contain harmful additives and chemicals that are not only dangerous to your health and wellbeing, but also ruin sleep quality.

For best results, you should only shop reputable manufacturers like Latex For Less for your durable mattress.

About Latex For Less Mattresses

So, what makes Latex For Less stand out in the crowded mattress industry?

Here are a few things you need to know.

  • All Latex For Less mattresses are handcrafted in the USA to ensure the highest mattress quality standards, and also boost the nation's economy.
  • Latex For Less mattresses come in various sizes, including Twin, Full, King, Twin XL, Queen, and Cal King.
  • All Latex For Less mattresses are certified organic, eco-friendly, and pure. To put things into perspective, these mattresses have been certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard for their organic latex, the Global Organic Textile Standard for their organic cotton and wool, and the eco-INSTITUT for purity.
  • We offer a worry-free, 120-night money-back guarantee for all latex mattresses bought through our website.
  • Latex For Less also offers free shipping and returns if you're not pleased with the mattress, which is highly unlikely.
  • The mattresses are shipped in a box, which helps save space, and reduces carbon emissions.
  • Latex For Less offers a variety of products, including a high quality mattress topper.

Here's an overview of some of the most popular mattresses from Latex For Less:

2-Sided Natural Latex Mattress

As the name suggests, this double-sided mattress contains 100% natural latex, organic cotton, and organic wool, and is one of the most durable latex mattresses you can buy. In addition, this durable latex mattress offers two firmness levels for the price of one, allowing you to customize your comfort, and enjoy long nights of uninterrupted sleep. With this all-natural mattress, you'll sleep peacefully, knowing that you've played a significant role in protecting the environment.

Organic Latex Mattress

Also handcrafted in the USA, this organic latex mattress offers the ultimate luxurious comfort you need to sleep peacefully all night long. It's also the mattress you need if you're looking for extra support and pressure relief. Lastly, this quality mattress comes with three firmness options: Soft, Medium, or Firm, allowing you to choose what works best for you.

Hybrid Latex Mattress

This 12-inch durable hybrid mattress combines the best qualities of a traditional innerspring mattress and latex to provide all the sleep benefits you need at a reasonable price. The mattress comprises a three-inch top layer of GOLS-certified organic latex, a GOTS-certified organic cotton mattress cover, and individually-wrapped coils. So, if you're looking for an affordable, durable, and comfortable way to sleep, this is the mattress for you.

The Bottom Line

Mattress durability is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a mattress. But, not every mattress you see online or in your local brick-and-mortar store is as durable as the manufacturer or seller claims. While there are many high-quality mattresses out there, many low-quality mattresses have also infiltrated the market.

For this reason, it's always advisable to shop reputable manufacturers and mattress brands like Latex For Less. That way, the durability factor won't be much of a concern.

As mentioned, Latex For Less mattresses last 20 years on average, making them a highly durable mattress. That's not just an ordinary purchase; it's a smart investment if you care about your health and general wellbeing.

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