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What Qualities Does a Natural Mattress Have?

Your health is essential for you to safeguard in your life. You're likely doing several things correctly already — such as exercising, eating healthy, and avoiding toxic chemicals in your house. Another way you could benefit your health is by sleeping on a natural latex mattress. In fact, there are many qualities of a natural latex mattress, including these listed below.

Qualities of a Natural Mattress

Some qualities of a natural latex mattress are:

  1. Durability

Natural latex mattresses last longer than traditional mattresses. Typically, you need to replace a traditional spring mattress every five to seven years. And, standard memory foam mattresses last about seven to 10 years. Being considerably more durable, a 100% natural latex mattress could last up to 25 years, and still maintain its support.

The durability of a mattress essentially comes down to the materials and manufacturing, their quality, and how they're used when making your mattress. Some manufacturers use various unnecessary and poor quality layers when filling their mattresses, so they look more plush, or thicker. But, these extra layers are not only unhealthy, they affect the mattress's lifespan, and don't hold up well. Along with this, some mattress companies say they manufacture their mattresses, but they actually don't - they're just the middlemen.

Purchasing a mattress that's manufactured in the U.S. is a good start. The quality of your mattress's materials plays a significant role in the lifespan of your mattress, in conjunction with the maintenance and care of the mattress.

  1. Motion Isolation

You can get better sleep with motion isolation. It affects not only affects the quantity of sleep, but also the quality of sleep. And, being sleep deprived can lead to major health problems that, if you leave untreated, will affect your quality of life significantly, particularly over extended periods of time. You require a certain number of hours of uninterrupted quality sleep every night for you to wake feeling rested and being able to function at optimal efficiency during your day.

Cutting out the motion can help those who have trouble falling asleep or being woken up because of their partner's constant motion of tossing and turning. A natural latex mattress provides you with zero motion transfer. It's an outstanding choice that offers similar results as memory foam, but you are also receiving an eco-friendly alternative. If you're looking to sleep better, and are suffering from constant wakefulness because of your partner's motion, then an excellent choice for you to consider is a natural latex mattress.

  1. Sustainable Sourcing

When you're sleeping on a natural mattress, you can rest assured your quality sleep isn't hurting the environment. Natural latex mattresses are not only constructed with sustainable and responsible manufacturing processes, they're also constructed without ingredients and materials that can harm the planet or you.

The primary ingredient of natural latex is rubber tree sap, making natural latex sustainable. Rubber trees grow rapidly, and have long lifespans. The sap is derived without causing any harm to the trees. You'll want to ensure you're buying your natural mattress from reliable latex companies, like Latex for Less.

  1. Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic

If you’re  thinking about buying an organic or natural latex mattress, the most essential benefits are usually those that impact you and your home atmosphere directly.

Organic fibers and fabrics differ in the way they're grown and processed when compared with traditional versions, and that is they're without:

  • Chemicals dyes
  • Toxic pesticides
  • Other treatments

In fact, organic cotton is actually a very hypoallergenic material used in most organic mattress covers.

Latex and wool foam, for most individuals, are also hypoallergenic, and produced without these materials and ingredients. On the other hand, traditional mattresses contain glues, polyurethane, and other ingredients that can cause respiratory or skin irritation for some individuals.

If your mattress isn't labeled 100% natural latex, this usually means it's combined with petroleum based plasticizers like styrene and butadiene, or it's totally synthetic. Natural latex is naturally antimicrobial, and has natural anti-mildew qualities.

  1. No Toxic Chemicals

Standard mattress choices include:

  • Innerspring beds with various fiber and foam layers
  • Memory foam beds
  • Some water beds

A lot of these types of mattresses are constructed with polyester fabrics, polyurethane foams, press board, vinyl, and other fibers. They're frequently treated with adhesives, dyes, chemicals, and flame retardants, and often release chemicals into the air or contribute to off-gassing. Natural latex mattresses, on the other hand, don't contain high-VOC chemicals.

  1. No PBDE's

Some big name brand mattresses contain these types of ingredients, so they pass the federal statute 16 CFR, Part 1633. This is a rigorous burn test of samples of each mattress on the market. Because they're referred to as "trade secrets", you might not know which chemicals these brands use in the fire blockers, no matter if it's in the form of fiber, fabric, or a spray.

And, there's no FDA approval for chemicals like these because you're not eating them. The law doesn't require manufacturers to test them for long-time usage side effects, nor to label them on their products. So, when you purchase a traditional mattress, you'll breathe in the off gasses of these chemicals each night you sleep on the mattress for years. This could put you at risk of unknown consequences.

Natural mattresses don't use any of these chemicals, since the wool in them is already a natural fire blocker, which enables the mattresses to pass these stringent burn tests.

  1. No Off Gassing

Off gassing is where there are specific petrochemicals that get into your home's air, and release unpleasant, harmful odors. They're common in products using VOCs or volatile organic compounds like:

  • Home furnishings
  • Paint
  • Glues
  • Adhesives

And, many  are found in memory foam mattresses.

Off gassing can cause respiratory distress and headaches. Many individuals assume that the items are safe once the powerful odors fade. But, this isn't true. Down the road, and these products can break down, and the chemicals used in them slowly seep into your house where you continue breathing them in. Fortunately, natural latex mattresses do not off gas.

  1. Offers a Better Night Sleep

A natural latex mattress allows you to sleep in comfort, and spend as much time in the restful and restorative stage of sleep as possible each night for years to come. Quality sleep contributes to good health, and when you sleep on a natural mattress, it's helping you achieve this.

  1. Supportiveness

Natural mattresses are supportive, so you don't toss and turn, and lie awake all night. It provides you with unparalleled support and outstanding comfort, making it possible for you to sleep throughout the night.

  1. Customization

One of the main benefits of natural latex mattresses are they are customizable. For instance, Latex for Less mattresses offer two firmness options within one mattress: one side of the mattress is firm, while the other side is medium. Since humans aren't a one-size-fits-all, not all mattresses are ideal for everyone. However, 100% natural latex mattresses make a perfect choice for a lot of the population today.

Buy Your Natural Latex Mattress at Latex for Less

Our mattress is made with organic cotton, 100% natural latex, and pure natural wool. They are certified by Eco-Institute, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and GOTS. The Latex for Less mattress comes with a 100% natural wool fire barrier, which breathes better than synthetic versions — and it regulates your body temperature all night long while providing a natural flame-resistant fire barrier.

Our 100% organic cotton cover is super soft, and outperforms standard farmed cotton every time. With our 100% natural latex mattress, you can rest assured you're sleeping on a mattress that provides you with a cloud-like, buoyant sensation with no harsh chemicals, allowing you to experience the ultimate sleeping experience. They're durable, healthy, and incredibly comfortable.

Try our natural latex mattress on a 120-night home trial, and see for yourself.

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