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What is The Most Popular Mattress Size?

Are you searching for a new mattress, but having a difficult time deciding what bed size is right for you? The right size mattress will depend on many key factors – like your sleep position, how many sleepers you share the bed with, and your mattress preferences. Millions of mattresses are sold every year in the United States with many sizes, varieties, and features available, making it harder for shoppers to choose what size mattress is best for them.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Mattress Size

Choosing the right mattress is crucial in allowing for optimal sleep quality, and helping to get the recommended amount of sleep — between 7 to 9 hours each night. There are several things to consider when mattress shopping, as the same mattress size will not work for all sleepers.

Room Size

The standard bedroom size is approximately 132 square feet, but of course may be smaller or larger. The available floor space and other objects in the room are important factors in choosing the right mattress based on your room size. Things that take up floor space, such as dressers and nightstands, will limit the amount of space available for a new bed.

Number of Sleepers

The number of sleepers sharing a bed will greatly affect shoppers' decisions in choosing the best mattress size. Many people find themselves sharing a bed with a partner, pets, or even children – all of which affect the space needed. Sharing a bed with other people or pets will require, at minimum, a full bed.

Sleepers Size

Taller individuals, often over 6 ft tall, have a more difficult time getting comfortable in a smaller bed, like a typical Twin mattress. Twin-size mattresses are only 75” long, leaving very little space for tall sleepers to have additional legroom. Twin XL mattresses add an extra 5 inches in length, and are 80 inches long.  An oversized mattress, perhaps a California King, is better suited for people over a certain height, when the bedroom size allows for it.

Sleeping Position

A thin, shorter mattress is less desirable to people, even single sleepers, who move about during the night, when compared to a bed with a larger surface area. A larger-size mattress is better equipped to handle most sleeping positions.


Mattress size and the quality of materials used are two key factors in determining price. A larger mattress with high-quality materials will be more expensive, compared to smaller mattresses. As you begin mattress shopping, consider the features that are non-negotiable for you, like cooling features, or motion isolation, and filter through your search to find the best mattress for your budget.

Mattress Dimensions

Standard Mattress Dimensions

There are several standard mattress sizes to fit families, from infancy into late adulthood.

Crib Mattress

A crib mattress is designed to cradle and protect sleeping infants. Crib mattresses have strict federal standards limiting how thick the mattress can be - no more than 6 inches. These mattresses have the same dimensions as a toddler mattress at 27 ¼ inches wide, and 51 ¼ inches long.

Who is a Crib Mattress Best For?

Many parents begin transitioning their children to a “big kid” bed around 18 months of age; however, a crib mattress can fit many children up to 5 years old. Crib mattresses are offered at an affordable price, ranging from less than $100 up to $200 or more, depending on the bells and whistles.

Twin Size Mattress

A Twin mattress is one of the smallest standard-sized mattresses made to fit children and singles. A Twin size mattress is perfect for small spaces, and can often be used on bunk beds. Twin-size bed dimensions are 38 inches wide by 75 inches long, leaving plenty of space for people to sleep comfortably.

Who is a Twin-Size Mattress Best For?

A Twin bed is best for bunk beds, small spaces, and children transitioning from toddler beds. To comfortably fit in a bedroom with a dresser, the room needs to be at least 8 feet by 10 feet to allow for enough space to move around. Twin-size mattresses are not good for tall people, multiple sleepers, or larger individuals who like to sprawl out. However, a Twin size bed is great for single sleepers who prefer their own bed.

Full-Size Mattress

Full-size bed dimensions are 53 inches wide by 75 inches long. This bed size was once a popular size among couples, but it was quickly replaced when couples began to feel crowded when sharing the bed with a partner or children. A Full-size mattress, also referred to as a double bed, measures 16 inches wider than the typical Twin mattress.

Who is a Full Mattress Best For?

A Full bed is best for children, young adults, or couples who enjoy sleeping closely, and are often found in guest rooms to be used as a spare bed. A Full-size mattress is not ideal for families who co-sleep with their children, or those with a partner who likes to sprawl out in bed. These mattresses are the same length as a Twin bed; however, they are more than one foot wider.

Queen Size Mattress

Queen-size mattresses have quickly become the most popular mattress sizes among couples, or people who co-sleep with other children and pets. Standard Queen-size bed dimensions are 60 inches wide by 80 inches in length, leaving plenty of space to stretch out. A Queen size bed is commonly found in the master bedroom of many homes, as it offers plenty of space for multiple sleepers.

Who is a Queen Mattress Best For?

A Queen size mattress is best for taller individuals looking for more leg room, families that bed-share, or individuals looking for plenty of sleeping space. Queen mattresses range in price and features, but require more bedroom space than smaller beds.

King Size Mattress

King-size mattresses are one of the largest standard mattress sizes available to date. Though it is the same length as a queen bed, it is more than one foot wider, at 76 inches wide, giving sleepers more space. They offer more comfortable co-sleeping, and are great for large master bedrooms.

Who is a King Mattress Best For?

A King mattress is best suited for a large master bedroom, at least 12 feet in length and width, as these allow more than enough space to accommodate the larger mattress. A King bed is an expensive standard mattress size, so if your budget is tight, consider a Queen bed with better features.

Oversized Mattress Dimensions

There are several types of “non-standard” mattress sizes that are available on the market today. Some mattress manufacturers offer some of these in their regular mattress lineup, while other less common ones must be custom ordered.

Twin XL Mattress

A Twin XL mattress offers sleepers more leg room, measuring 38 x 80 inches - slightly longer than the standard Twin mattress. A Split King bed is the same size as a standard King size bed; however, a split king mattress is made of two twin xl mattresses measuring 38 x 80 inches allowing partners to customize their side of the bed when they have different mattress preferences.

Olympic Queen Mattress

An Olympic Queen mattress is 80 inches long, similar to a standard Queen-size mattress, but measures 66 inches wide, giving sleepers a bit more sleeping surface. An Olympic Queen mattress is not found as easily as a standard Queen mattress, as they are not regularly stocked in stores.

Alaskan King Mattress

An Alaskan King mattress is one of the largest mattresses available on the market, measuring 9 x 9 feet. This King size mattress allows the most space for sleepers, their children, and all household pets, but requires a large bedroom with more space to accommodate the size.

California King Mattress

A California King-size bed dimensions measure 72” x 84”. The California King size mattress is longer than a standard King bed, leaving plenty of space for the whole family. California King beds are ideal for tall individuals, as they allows ample leg room.

Texas King Mattress

Have you heard the old saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas”? This rings true for the Texas King size mattress, measuring 80” (W) x 98” (L). The Texas King mattress is 18 inches longer than the standard King-size mattress, making it an excellent option for taller people.

Vermont King Mattress

The Vermont King serves as a happy medium in the oversized mattress market, measuring 8 x 8 feet. The Vermont King mattress can comfortably accommodate multiple children, adults, and pets.

Wyoming King Mattress

The Wyoming King mattress is a great option for families who feel the standard larger-size mattress is not quite big enough. These oversized King mattresses' dimensions are larger than the standard King at 84” wide by 84” long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between a King Mattress and a California King Mattress?

A California King mattress is not quite as wide as a standard King mattress. In fact, it measures 4 inches shorter than a King mattress. Though the California King is narrower, it measures 4 inches longer than the standard 80-inch King size bed mattress, giving sleepers more leg space.

Is a Full Mattress a Good Mattress Size for Two People?

Two people who like to sleep close to each other will fit comfortably on a Full-size mattress. A Full was once among the most popular mattress sizes for a couple, but it was quickly replaced when sleepers began feeling too crowded in this size bed.

Is the Bed Size More Important Than the Available Features?

The most important things to consider when choosing a mattress are your room size and budget. If the size of your bedroom is not a matter of concern, take into consideration the number and size of sleepers that will share the bed with you. If a smaller size mattress with more amenities, like motion isolation, cooling features, and pressure relief, will fit your needs, it comes down to personal preferences.

Will Bed Size Affect a Marriage?

When reciting your vows, you agree for better or worse - including the poor sleep habits of your partner. Does your partner toss and turn all night? Maybe you enjoy sleeping with enough space that your partner will not touch you. A larger mattress with motion isolation features can alleviate the stress negative sleep habits can have on a marriage.

What is the Most Popular Size Mattress?

The most popular mattress size for an average bedroom or master bedroom is a Queen-size bed. Though a Queen bed is the most popular, at the end of the day, your mattress preferences and desired sleep space will determine what mattress is best for you.

What is a Split King Bed?

Split King beds are made up of two Twin XL mattresses that equate to the size of a King mattress. These beds are compatible with an adjustable bed frame, and allow for two beds with different features, allowing partners with different mattress preferences to sleep together without argument.

Full vs Double Bed: What is the Difference?

A Full bed and Double bed are the same size, with both mattresses measuring 53” W x 75” L. These mattresses are a great option for children transitioning to a larger bed, single sleepers, or couples who enjoy snuggling late at night.

What to Look for When Choosing a Mattress Company

Choosing the right mattress is the most important part of ensuring you get enough sleep each night. Many companies advertise features like motion isolation, body-contouring foam, cooling gel latex, or other features to keep you comfortable, yet very few are as transparent about the materials used to construct their mattresses and other sleep products.

Mattress companies with nothing to hide will boast certifications and purity standards that ensure their products are made using high-quality materials.

Certifications to look for include:

  • CertiPUR-US. This certification ensures all materials with this label are free from harsh chemical flame retardants, including foam and upholstered bedding materials. The CertiPUR-US certification monitors emissions, performance, and durability of all ingredients to ensure they are not made with ozone depleters.
  • OEKO-TEX Standard. Also seen as “Standard 100”, the OEKO-TEX Standard certification tests sleep products for harmful chemicals to ensure they remain at low emission levels safe for human use. To receive this certification, products must remain at low emission levels throughout the entire production process.
  • GOTS Organic. Global Organic Textile Standards ensures textiles are made with 100% pure, organic materials from harvesting raw ingredients to putting a label on the finished product.
  • GOLS Organic. This certification ensures materials and mattresses that are made with latex ingredients are made using organic latex harvested sustainably from rubber tree sap. The GOLS certification ensures latex products are safe for the environment and use by humans.
  • GreenGuard Gold. Indoor air pollution and emissions from textiles, like furniture, bedding, and mattresses, when deemed safe, are labeled with the GreenGuard Gold certification. This certification tests volatile organic compounds, and more than 10,000 chemicals.

Shop America’s Most Affordable Organic Sleep

At Latex For Less, we understand better than most how unattainable, safe, and comfortable sleep can feel, due to the sheer cost of organic materials. Many companies claim to produce products that are organic, but cannot provide purity qualifications and certifications when asked for them. Others boasting their products as organic offer a price point that is not within the average shopper's budget.

The team at Latex For Less offers safety in sleep at an affordable price – no gimmicks.

Rather than risking contamination during transport, our experts went to the source in Sri Lanka to sustainably harvest rubber tree sap used in our organic latex mattresses. Our mattresses are made using environmentally-friendly resources, without adding harsh chemicals or PBDE flame retardants to keep you safe. Unlike other companies, we are proud to showcase the certifications that we have worked tirelessly to achieve.

Certifications include:

  • GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • Eco-Institut
  • GOLS-certified organic latex
  • GOTS-certified organic wool

Whether you are looking for a standard-size mattress, or an oversized bed with an adjustable base, we offer a wide variety of mattress sizes and features.

Two-Sided Natural Latex Mattress

Our flippable natural latex mattress is offered in all standard sizes, as well as a Split King, Split Queen, and California King. We utilize organic cotton, with the finest quality of organic latex, to ensure shoppers get the healthiest sleep, without compromising their budget. The two-sided latex mattress is made with a firm base, with a medium-firm top layer that can be easily flipped to better fit your firmness needs.

Organic Latex Mattress

The organic latex mattress is offered in 3 firmness levels, as well as two thickness options, depending on your personal preferences. The knit cover offers unmatched pressure relief, with a wool barrier to keep you cool night after night.

Hybrid Latex Mattress

Our 12” Hybrid Latex Mattress is made up of a coil support layer, with a 3” pressure-relieving latex comfort layer.

All of Latex For Less mattresses are offered with a 120-night free trial to ensure you have adequate time to love your mattress, or return it without penalty.

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