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Should You Sleep in Zero Gravity Position?

Everybody knows that getting quality sleep is important. The type of rest you get the night before can make or break your day. Plus, consistently getting good sleep is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, and feeling full of energy during the day.

So, whether you regularly get enough good quality sleep at night, or you find yourself waking up and disrupting your sleep, you could probably benefit from some improvement in your sleep quality. That could mean falling asleep faster, sleeping longer, or sleeping more deeply.

There are many factors that may contribute to a lack of good-quality sleep, some of which can be remedied with small adjustments to your sleeping position. Some sleep guides recommend sleeping in a zero-gravity position, touting that it helps you attain a deeper, more restful sleep.

You may be wondering what exactly a zero-gravity position is, and if it’s actually effective. Can sleeping in a zero-gravity position really improve your sleep? Here we will discuss everything you need to know about sleeping in the zero gravity position.

What is Zero Gravity?

Zero gravity, also called “Zero-G”, is the state of weightlessness people experience when the effects of gravity stop acting on their bodies. On Earth, the mass of the planet pulls our bodies towards it through gravity. That is why (along with air resistance) when you jump, or throw something into the air, it does not continue its momentum up and away toward space. It also contributes to pain in our joints, muscles, and spine.

While zero gravity can be simulated on Earth, it is most commonly associated with astronauts in space. That is because once astronauts enter space, and leave Earth, they are no longer affected by gravity, and instead experience zero gravity.

Zero gravity gives astronauts the feeling of weightlessness. They float, rather than fall. Sleeping in zero gravity may sound like a pleasant experience. It means sleeping without feeling the weight of your body and gravity on your joints and muscles. As you may be thinking, on Earth we don’t have the luxury of zero gravity, so how does zero gravity relate to sleeping positions here on Earth? It’s probably not quite what you are thinking.

What is a Zero Gravity Position?

The zero gravity position is not, as its name might have you believe, a sleeping position where you float in zero gravity to get higher quality sleep. Personally, I think sleeping in zero gravity would be difficult to get used to. Instead, the zero gravity position is a position developed by NASA for astronauts launching into space. As astronauts are propelled upward from the earth’s surface, and into space, they experience rapid changes in gravitation force. The zero gravity position helps them to equalize the pressure from this change by distributing their weight, and reducing pressure on their bodies.

The zero gravity position is a neutral, reclining position. When in this position, your upper body and legs should be at about a 120-degree angle, so that your knee is raised slightly above your heart. This bend in the hips takes the pressure off of the body, and is known as the “zero stress zone”. It is because the zero gravity position relieves so much pressure off of the body that it is used by astronauts and adopted for sleeping positions here on the surface of the Earth, too.

If you’re wondering how you can sleep in this position, the answer is the right mattress with an adjustable bed base.

What is an Adjustable Bed Base?

An adjustable bed base is a fixture that you place your mattress onto. You can think of it as an adjustable bed frame.The adjustable bed base can change positions to give you a desired effect. Adjustable beds usually come with a remote that allows you to control and fine tune the position of your head and feet. For example, many people use adjustable beds to raise their heads while they sleep.

Zero gravity beds require an adjustable bed base to be able to form the zero gravity sleeping position. The head raises, and the area around your knee also raises and lowers slightly at the feet. This places you into the zero gravity sleeping position, a neutral sleeping position that may help you sleep deeper and longer. If you already have an adjustable bed base, there may already be a preset button for it. If not, when adjusting your bed, you want to make sure that the angle between your torso and legs is at a 120-degree angle. However, zero-gravity is commonly included as a preset option for most adjustable beds.

Zero Gravity Mattress

It’s important to note that not all mattresses are suitable for adjustable bed bases. If you want to try sleeping in the zero gravity position, you have to make sure you have an adjustable base along with a compatible mattress.

8 Benefits of Sleeping in a Zero Gravity Bed

Deeper and Faster Sleep

Between one-third and half of the adult U.S. population experience symptoms of insomnia, and 70 million Americans are affected by a range of sleep disorders, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Common sleep disorders include insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and restless legs syndrome. So, although you may not experience a chronic sleep disorder like chronic insomnia, which affects 10 to 15% of the population, chances are you may experience insomnia at one point or another.

Furthermore, even if you aren’t affected by insomnia, you may have trouble falling asleep or getting the restful sleep you need to live your best life. If this is the case, you would benefit from getting deeper sleep and falling asleep faster.

Using a zero gravity bed can help you relax better, and get deeper sleep. It also removes pressure on your muscles and joints, and places your spine in a comfortable position for sleeping. With less stress on your body, you may find that you fall asleep faster, and get deeper sleep.

Improved Breathing

Angling your head slightly above your stomach in the zero gravity position opens your airways, and prevents snoring and the sleep disruption associated with sleep apnea. Snoring and sleep apnea can disturb your sleep, and prevent you from sleeping deeply. Elevating your head and upper body in the zero gravity position relieves the obstruction in your airways that causes snoring and sleep apnea.

Improved Digestion and Reduced Heartburn

When the head is in an upright position, food passes more easily through the body.

Plus, with your head above your stomach, gravity helps to reduce heartburn and acid reflux by keeping your stomach acids in your stomach and away from your esophagus.

Improved Circulation

Sleeping in the 120-degree hip position associated with the zero gravity position may improve heart health. This position lessens the pressure on your heart, allowing for better blood flow, and less pressure on your heart.

Reduced Swelling

Better circulation means more than better heart health. It also means reduced swelling. People affected by diabetes, high blood pressure, or who are overweight may experience swelling, especially in the hands and feet. Lifting the lower body in a zero gravity bed improves circulation, and reduces swelling in your body.

Reduced Pain

Although sleeping flat on your back or side may be the standard for sleeping, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way to go about it. The zero gravity position puts your spine in a more comfortable position with less pressure. If you experience back pain, especially in the lower back, sleeping in this position may reduce your discomfort and back pain.

Improved Pregnancy Symptoms

If you’ve been pregnant in the past, or are currently pregnant, you may have experienced one or more of the symptoms described above. The zero gravity sleeping position can help reduce all of the symptoms above, making your pregnancy a more comfortable experience.

Improved Sitting Posture

The zero gravity position does not have to be exclusively used for sleeping. If you’re like me, you can probably use the improved sitting posture in your daily life while you’re reading, checking your phone, responding to emails, or even watching TV. So, rather than hunched over your book or device, or sitting slumped in your chair, you can sit comfortably in your bed to improve your sitting posture, and reap the benefits mentioned earlier. Plus, all the while you will still be comfortably in your bed.

How Latex For Less Can Help You Sleep in Zero Gravity

The Latex For Less Mattress and Adjustable Base

A latex mattress paired with an adjustable bed base is the perfect combination for the zero gravity bed. Latex mattresses are designed to be resilient, durable, and flexible. Although adjustable beds do put extra pressure around the areas of the mattress that bend to support your desired sleep position, Latex For Less mattresses are built to provide lasting support for 20 years or more before sagging, bulging, or losing support. We can’t vouch for other brands, but we can guarantee that our mattresses will last for a generation.

In addition, latex mattresses provide superior support and comfortable sleeping surfaces. Combine the comfort and support of a latex mattress with the customization of an adjustable bed, and you have everything you need to get a good night’s sleep.

Latex For Less mattresses are the perfect latex mattress to combine with an adjustable bed. They provide durability and flexibility, along with high-quality comfort and support. Even better, the Latex For Less adjustable base is a great option for your mattress. Our adjustable base comes with a remote control that allows you to select between three preset positions: Anti-Snore, Zero Gravity, and Flat. Plus, you can further customize your sleep position to move your feet and head and upper body up or down, giving you the ultimate choice for deeply restful sleep. So, if you’re looking for a mattress to suit your adjustable base, or an adjustable base itself, look no further than Latex For Less.

About the Latex For Less Adjustable Base

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and support. Our adjustable base is fully customizable, with a foot incline up to 45 degrees, and head incline up to 60 degrees.Customers love the three preset positions (Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat), and two programmable positions.

The Latex For Less adjustable base works fabulously with our latex foam mattress. Enjoy the weightlessness of the zero-gravity position, or you can select your own custom setting. The adjustable bed foundation makes it easy to find the perfect position to read your turn-pager novel, catching up on your favorite show, or drifting off to sleep.

Other Adjustable Beds With a Zero-G Preset

If your adjustable bed already has a zero gravity preset (like the Latex For Less adjustable base), you can shift to this position with the push of a button. Many adjustable bed frames are Bluetooth-compatible, and pair with wireless remotes.

You can tell if your bed has one of these presets by looking for a Zero-G button on the base’s corresponding remote. If not, you should be able to incline the head and feet to reach the desired sleep position.


If you’ve never used an adjustable or zero gravity bed before, you may be hesitant to purchase one. We understand, because it can be a big decision, and it will change your life forever, but in the best possible way.

Getting an adjustable bed and latex mattress, and sleeping in zero gravity, will forever change your quality of sleep, and you will never look back. Besides being able to fall asleep faster and get deeper sleep, using a zero gravity bed will reduce high blood pressure, heartburn, back pain, improve blood flow, and improve your life in many other ways. The zero gravity sleep position will help you to feel more relaxed, full of energy, ready to take on your day, and still excited to get into your luxurious bed night after night.

And, if you have a partner that complains about your snoring or sleep apnea, they can rest assured, because it will benefit both you and your partner.

FAQs About Adjustable Bases

How do you use an adjustable bed?

An adjustable base comes with a Bluetooth remote. If you’re using the Latex For Less adjustable bed, the remote will have three preset options: Flat, Zero gravity, and Anti-snore. Select which position you like, and press the button. Also, you can further customize the height of your feet and head, angling it upwards and downwards. Finally, if you decide you like your own customized position more than a preset option, you can save the position in your bed to use later, at the push of a button.

Can you use a latex mattress on an adjustable base?

Yes! An adjustable bed will not harm or tear the latex in your mattress. The frame will also give your mattress plenty of support, something particularly important with latex, due to its weight. Leggett and Platt is a popular company that has quality adjustable beds that work wonderfully with latex mattresses.

Can you use any mattress on an adjustable base?

No. Not all mattresses are compatible with an adjustable base. If you are unsure whether a mattress can be used with an adjustable base, check with the manufacturer.

Do adjustable beds ruin mattresses?

No, an adjustable base will not ruin the mattress, if you're using a compatible mattress. However, using an adjustable base may shorten the lifespan of the mattress, due to the extra pressure placed on certain parts of the mattress.

How long do Latex For Less beds last?

Latex For less mattresses are built to last. Many latex mattresses last 20 years or more before bulging, sagging, or losing their incredible support. The Latex For Less Adjustable Base comes with various warranty protections for your base, including a protection option lasting up to 20 years.

Should I use my pillow with my zero gravity bed?

Pillows do not need to be used with an adjustable like they would if you were lying flat on a mattress. However, users can experiment, and decide for themselves if they want a pillow.

Does it take long to get used to an adjustable bed?

No. Although you may not be used to the bed on your first night’s sleep. Within a few days, most sleepers are used to the bed, and reaping the benefits of their adjustable bed, getting a good night’s sleep.

Why do I have trouble falling asleep?

If you have trouble falling asleep, it could be due to a whole host of reasons. You may have a sleeping disorder like insomnia, or it could be something in your lifestyle, among other things. For example, perhaps you drink caffeine too late in the day. Or, maybe you are uncomfortable in your bed. If that’s the case, trying a Latex For Less mattress might be the solution you need for faster sleep.

Why don’t I get good quality sleep?

Not getting good quality sleep can be caused by many reasons. Usually, it is because you are not sleeping deeply, or through the night. If you are a light sleeper, or have insomnia, it may be preventing you from staying asleep long enough to reach the deeper stages of more restful sleep. To get good quality sleep, you have to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Will zero gravity beds help me get better sleep?

The zero gravity position has worked well for many people, and it may benefit you, too. There are no guarantees in life, but the chances are good that investing in an adjustable bed and compatible mattress will have you sleeping deeper, faster, and longer.

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