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Pros and Cons of Latex Mattresses

Finding the perfect mattress is something many people struggle with. It’s even more difficult when you’re working to meet the needs of two individuals sharing the same bed. You may sleep differently, or have different needs when it comes to comfort and support. Finding the ideal mattress for both of you can be quite challenging.

You may have heard of latex mattresses, but been reluctant to try one for yourself because you know so little about them. Here, we’ll both dive deep into the pros and cons of latex mattresses, as well as answer some of the most common latex mattress questions and answers, so you can make a better informed buying decision while searching for your next mattress. You may even discover that a latex mattress is the best option for you in the process.

Advantages of Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses offer a wide range of advantages to people who use them. Of course, not all latex mattresses are created equal. It’s important to avoid synthetic or blended latex products, as they are wholly inferior to natural latex mattresses in almost every way that matters. Below are the advantages of natural latex mattresses you’ll want to know about.

  1. Natural Latex Mattresses Are a Better Choice for Your Health

Because natural latex mattresses are made with natural ingredients, and a natural manufacturing process that doesn’t include petrochemical additives, they are a better choice for your health. There is no unpleasant and harmful chemical off-gassing, for starters.

But the benefits of natural latex mattresses go far beyond that. By excluding additives, such as fire retardants used in other mattresses on the market, natural latex mattresses lack many ingredients and additives associated with neurological disorders, upper respiratory infections, kidney and liver damage, birth defects, and more.

Of course, this is only the beginning. It’s not all about what you won’t find with latex mattresses, such as:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Heavy metals
  • Glues
  • Dyes

It’s also about the things that these mattresses promote, too, such as a better night’s sleep night after night. Sleep is one of the most important things you can get in order to improve your health and your overall sense of wellbeing. Natural latex mattresses offer a better night’s sleep by providing adequate support, delivering appropriate amounts of comfort, reducing motion transfer when your partner moves during the night, and limiting wakefulness from overheating throughout the night.

  1. Natural Latex Mattresses Are Good for the Planet

This is because the materials used to make natural latex foam are derived solely from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. These trees grow quickly and abundantly in nature, which means they are easy to replenish. Plus, the tapping of these trees for sap doesn’t harm the tree itself.

That’s only the beginning when it comes to how natural latex mattresses are good for the planet. In fact, these trees are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides – yet another boon for Mother Earth.

Plus, the manufacturing process for these mattresses is also good for the planet. There are two methods used to make latex foam used in natural latex mattresses:

  1. Dunlop method
  2. Talalay method

Both methods are environmentally friendly. However, the Talalay method, while slightly more energy intensive than the Dunlop method, creates more cushiony latex foam that is often used in the top layers, for comfort. The Dunlop method produces latex foam that is often used to create the resilient and highly supportive core layer of the latex mattress.

  1. Natural Latex Mattresses Provide Superior Support

Because natural latex created using the Dunlop method of manufacturing is known for outstanding support and resilience, these mattresses continue to offer outstanding support long after other types of mattress begin to lose their shape, sag in places, or experience dips, dents, and humps in the mattress that are uncomfortable to sleep with.

The support from these mattresses is important because it helps you sleep longer and more comfortably without waking up sore and achy from your mattress. The fact that a latex mattress is supportive from day one until the end of its lifecycle is one that is important to consider — especially when you consider that many latex mattresses last 20 years or longer.

  1. Natural Latex Mattresses Sleep Cooler than Other Mattress Types

The open-cell construction of latex means that air flows through these mattresses in a manner that’s impossible with denser mattress materials. Greater airflow accomplishes two things. First, it means that you’re not overheating while you sleep, by preventing the heat to build up around your body. The second way it helps is by allowing cool air to flow through, keeping you dry (from sweating) and cool throughout the night.

  1. Natural Latex Mattresses Are Incredibly Durable

We touched on the incredible resilience of natural latex, allowing it to maintain a supportive sleep area throughout the lifespan of the mattress. But, what many people don’t realize when comparing latex mattresses to other types of mattresses, is that these mattresses are designed to perform flawlessly for up to 20 years.

Considering that the average innerspring mattress on the market today lasts only seven to eight years, you’d be replacing them two to three, or even more, times before you need to replace your latex mattress once. This is no greater testament to the durability of a natural latex mattress than the warranty the mattress comes with.

  1. Natural Latex Mattresses Are Naturally Resistant to Countless Microbes

From mold and mildew to dust mites and bed bugs, natural latex has a natural resistance to many things you can’t see that can cause you harm. This natural resistance originates on the tree from which natural latex sap is tapped. The bottom line is that you don’t have to worry about these things in your latex mattress the way you would with many other types of mattresses.

Clearly, there are quite a few advantages to keep in mind when it comes to buying a latex mattress. Now, let’s explore some of the potential considerations you’ll want to keep in mind.

Drawbacks of Natural Latex Mattresses

With so many amazing advantages for latex mattresses, it’s important to consider their drawbacks as well. There are three primary obstacles you can keep in mind as you explore your mattress buying options.

  1. The Cost of Natural Latex Mattress. At first glance, the cost for natural latex mattresses can be prohibitive for many buyers. Even buyers who share a deep commitment for personal health, the planet, and a great night’s sleep may find the cost as substantial obstacles for these mattresses. It’s important to keep in mind the potential for 20 good years of comfortable and supportive sleep (compared to seven or eight for most other types of mattresses) and the cost becomes less substantial. Another option is to compare prices online, and find a natural latex mattress at a more attractive price point.
  2. The Firmness of Natural Latex Mattresses. While the firmness of a natural latex mattress is part of what provides the outstanding support, some people fear the mattress will ultimately prove to be too firm to meet their needs. One option is to choose a natural latex mattress that offers two levels of firmness, so you can find your perfect fit. The other option to consider, if the mattress proves to be too firm, is to purchase a latex mattress topper, so that you can continue to enjoy the superb support of a latex mattress with an added comfort layer.
  3. The Weight of Natural Latex Mattresses. Natural latex mattresses are made of dense materials. There’s no way to work around that. The larger the mattress, the heavier it will be. For instance, one king size mattress will be more difficult to maneuver than two twin size mattresses. Options to mitigate this would be to consider a split adjustable foundation for a king, and order two twin mattresses to work with your foundation. Another option to consider is to seek help from among your friends and family to move your mattress.

As you can see, most of the drawbacks for natural latex mattresses are rather easy to overcome. Considering the outstanding advantages, it may be well worth your effort, and a few extra dollars to choose a latex mattress to meet your needs.

Why Buy Your Natural Latex Mattress from Latex for Less?

Latex for Less offers a natural latex mattress that offers the best of both worlds. Not only are these mattresses available at affordable prices, they also come with a 20 year warranty and a 120-night risk-free in-home trial, so you can be sure this is the right mattress for you.

With the Latex for Less natural latex mattress, you get all the benefits of a superb quality latex mattress that is handcrafted, made in the USA, and good for your home, your family, and your planet. Plus, you get a mattress that offers two firmness levels, so you can experience the difference in a medium or firm latex mattress in one.

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