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Mattress Sizes

Choosing the right mattress size ensures that you have enough room to sleep comfortably and get a good night’s sleep.

When you sleep on a mattress, your feet should not hang over the foot of the bed and you should be able to fold your hands behind your head comfortably, without elbowing your partner. You must also consider the size of your bedroom and select a mattress size that does not overcrowd your bedroom.


Dimensions: 38 inches wide, by 75 inches long

Also called a “Single” or “Bunk” size, Twin mattresses sleep one child or adult. This is the perfect size for a single adult, who lives on a compact floor plan, like an efficiency or studio apartment.

If you’re six feet tall or more, your feet will hang off the bottom edge of a Twin size mattress - so try a Twin XL size, detailed below.

If you want more width so you can spread out a bit more, try a Full mattress, also described later in this post.

Twin XL

Dimensions: 38 inches wide, by 80 inches long

The Twin XL (Twin Extra Long) sleeps one person like a twin-sized mattress, but adds about half a foot of extra length. This makes the Twin XL size perfect for anyone over six feet tall. The extra length might also be helpful to anyone whose pet likes to sleep at their feet. The Twin XL’s width is the same as a standard Twin, so it’s still suitable for small spaces. This also happens to be the mattress of choice for most dorm rooms.

If you need the length of a Twin XL, but you also need the mattress to sleep two, consider a Queen size mattress, described later in this article.


Dimensions: 54 inches wide, by 75 inches long

Sometimes called the Double size, this mattress adds almost a foot and a half of width compared to the twin size mattress.

The Full size mattress is ideal for solo sleepers who like to spread out and sleep like starfish. Like the twin size mattress, a Full size is too short for anyone over six feet tall. If you’re over six feet tall but want to spread out more than the Twin XL size allows, choose a Queen size mattress, described next.


Dimensions: 60 inches wide, by 80 inches long

Queen size mattresses are the coziest, most compact mattresses that can accommodate two people. This size is ideal for couples living on small floor plans, who don’t mind sleeping without much room between them. This makes the queen size mattress a perfect choice for couples living together in studio apartments.

A Queen size mattress might not be a good fit for sleepers who like to sprawl out on the mattress. Anyone with a pet larger than a Maine coon cat sleeping on the bed, may also find this size too small. Try a King size mattress or a Cal King mattress. Both are described below.


Dimensions: 76 inches wide, by 80 inches long

The King size mattress is the same length as a Queen size, but adds 16  more inches of width. This makes the King size a great choice for anyone whose children or pets often join them in bed.

A King size mattress doesn’t work on a floor plan that’s too small, though. It’s over six feet wide, so the King size mattress can be too large for small bedrooms. If you’ve got a narrow master bedroom and need a mattress that still sleeps two, consider a Queen size mattress, described above.

Cal King

Dimensions: 72 inches wide, by 84 inches long

“Cal King” is shorthand for the California King size mattress. The enormous Cal King size is sometimes called “King Long.”

This is the mattress for you if you must duck to enter most doorways. The Cal King is the mattress of choice for partners who like to spread out, anyone whose large-sized dogs like to sleep on the bed, or anyone the height of a basketball center. Out of all options listed here, the Cal King is the longest. If you’re six feet tall, there will still be room for a pet to sleep at your feet.

The Cal King size is too large for small floor plans. If you have a small bedroom, try a King or Queen size mattress. Both sizes are detailed earlier in this post.

Split Sizes

Split Queen Dimensions: 60 inches wide, by 80 inches long (cut in half)

Split King Dimensions: 76 inches wide, by 80 inches long (cut in half)

Split Cal King Dimensions: 72 inches wide, by 84 inches long (cut in half)

A split mattress has the same dimensions as its usual size, except that it’s made in two pieces. For example, the split king mattress is really two twin xl mattresses, side by side. Bed frames will typically hold the two sides together.

This has the advantage of allowing each partner to have their own preferred firmness - Latex for Less’s mattresses have two different levels of firmness; one side is medium, and the other side firm. This is perfect for when two partners have different symptoms of sciatica, back pain, or other conditions that require different levels of cushion and support. 

Split mattresses also have less transfer movement than a standard size mattress, so if a partner is notorious for all-night thrashing, contortion, and nestling, the other partner won’t be disturbed.

We hope this guide helps you choose the perfect sized mattress for your needs so you can  sleep comfortably each night.

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