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Latex For Less Topper: 2" vs. 3"

Mattress toppers greatly vary in quality, materials, and thickness. A number of factors determine the best thickness level for you, but it basically boils down to the topper type, and the results you're looking to achieve — like added softness on a firmer bed, or more support on a softer bed. The different range of thicknesses also vary based on the material that makes the topper.

Here you'll learn more about 2" and 3" Latex for Less mattress toppers.

Latex Toppers and Sleep

Sleep, as you likely know already, is essential for your overall well-being and health. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute published a report on sleep deprivation, stating sleep impacts things like:

  • Emotional well-being
  • Brain function
  • Physical health
  • Safety

Sleeping in an uncomfortable bed can seriously impact your quality of sleep. It can negatively affect multiple areas of your life.

An ideal way to upgrade your bedding comfort is to add a latex mattress topper. This can allow you to obtain that great night's sleep your body requires. And, purchasing a mattress topper costs you less than it would to replace your entire mattress. However, despite the low cost, a topper could provide significant support and coziness to your mattress.

But which should you choose - the 2" Latex for Less topper or the 3"?

Latex for Less 2" Topper

Here are some things to consider with the 2" Latex for Less topper:

  • Cushioning: If you're already relatively satisfied with your existing mattress, but wish to add a little extra to the whole setup, a 2" latex mattress topper is the perfect choice. This thickness level provides a significant change to the feel and performance of your mattress while it maintains the essence of everything remaining underneath.

The rule of thumb here is, the thicker your topper is, the more cushioning it offers you. While it may sound like the right thing to do, don't simply go out and purchase the thickest topper you can find.

  • Height: Because the topper is ultimately one added layer on top of your mattress, it's important to keep in mind most of the upper layers in a decent mattress already have a couple inches in height, meaning a 2" mattress topper will probably be the better choice for most cases.
  • Softness: However, it depends how soft you prefer your bed, too. If your mattress feels a little too firm to you, and doesn't achieve your desired comfort level, you may wish to purchase the thicker 3" one. For other cases, a 2" mattress topper is sufficient.

Latex for Less 3" Topper

Some considerations with the 3" Latex for Less mattress topper are:

  • Pressure relief : Mattress toppers with 3" thickness basically transform your mattress into a whole different bed. With a topper of this depth, you won't even recognize what’s underneath it. A 3" mattress topper provides even better support, and greater pressure relief than a thinner mattress topper.
  • Comfort: A 3" latex mattress topper is the ideal choice if your mattress is starting to feel less comfortable, and is older. It's also useful if you're not happy with how your mattress feels, no matter what age it is, and you wish to transform its comfort factor. A 3" latex topper with a greater firmness level makes a great base layer for a do-it-yourself mattress setup.
  • Weight: Individuals who weigh over 250 lbs could benefit from a thicker topper like Latex for Less's 3" mattress topper. Remember, the topper's thickness influences the entire bed's thickness as well, which can alter how the layers and materials in the mattress are triggered under your body's weight.

When you're focusing on the topper's weight, you have to keep your own weight in mind as well, since the topper's thickness could also determine how simple it is for you to move around, depending on your weight, and how much cushioning you'll benefit from.

When you're in the market for a mattress topper with 2" of thickness, just know it could offer cushioning if you tend to be on the lighter side. However, if you're more than 165 lbs, and are a woman, or are over 185 lbs and are a man, you'll likely prefer a thicker topper, preferably the Latex for Less's 3" topper.

Benefits of Latex for Less Toppers

Both the 2" and 3" Latex for Less toppers provide several benefits.

  1. Long-lasting and resilient. Since the Latex for Less topper is crafted from outstanding resilient single-origin latex, your topper isn't going to break down or sag, and will always return to its original shape.
  2. Superior pressure relief. Latex for Less's single-origin natural latex offers better body weight distribution and pressure point reduction. It’s forgiving support to your hips, back, shoulders, and knees.
  3. No chemical smell. The mattress topper is crafted with single-origin, 100% natural latex with no synthetic additives or fillers. Because of this, Latex for Less's mattress topper (2" or 3") doesn't produce off-gas toxic chemicals, and is naturally hypoallergenic.
  4. Handcrafted in the USA. Latex for Less has highly-skilled craftsmen create each topper locally for outstanding quality. And, since local manufacturing decreases harsh emissions, you can feel great that you'll be supporting a company that is conscious about maintaining a healthy planet.
  5. Single source of latex. Latex for Less's mattress 2" and 3" toppers are made of 100% natural single-origin latex to provide exceptional softness and support. Using a single source for our latex means we can calibrate your topper precisely to have the exact amount of sink, combined with the ideal amount of buoyancy for comfortable, cool sleep. Latex for Less never uses any synthetic fillers or latex in our toppers. Both the 2" and 3" toppers carry the internationally recognized environmental certification, and Eco--Institut health certification. The organic cotton cover is GOTS organic certified.
  6. Choice of firmness levels Both provide different firmness levels. Choose Medium-Firm if you're looking to add extra support to your too-soft bed, medium for improving the support of your bed while also adding a bit of plushness, and soft if you're looking to add a bit of cloud-like cushion to your existing mattress. The Latex for Less toppers also come in soft for those who prefer an extra cushiony feel.

Latex for Less wants you to be extremely happy with the mattress topper you choose, whether it's the 2" or the 3". This is why we offer free shipping, and a 5-year warranty. Now, you can buy your next bedding upgrade happily with confidence you're getting a quality product.

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