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Is a Latex Pillow Good for Neck Pain?

If you’re in the market for a new pillow, you may find yourself asking many questions about the available pillow selection. This is especially true if you’re one of many people who suffer from periodic neck pain. Many factors affect whether or not a pillow is a good choice for neck pain, beyond the materials the pillow is made of. In fact, any of the following can have a major impact on how well your pillow addresses neck pain.

  • Loft refers to the height of the pillow, or the amount of space between the surface of your bed and the top of the pillow, where you rest your head.
  • Pillow fills. These are the materials inside your pillow casing.
  • Sleep positions. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers all have different needs when it comes to pillows to provide sufficient head and neck support.
  • Pillow size. Just because you have a king-sized bed doesn’t mean you need a king-sized pillow. Getting the right size can make a huge difference to your pain upon waking, and the quality of your sleep.
  • Pillow firmness. Some pillows are available in different firmness levels, such as medium firm, firm, soft, etc.

Ultimately, your pillow has a huge impact on whether or not you wake up with neck pain, and how frequently that occurs.

How Can a Pillow Help With Neck Pain?

The right pillow can be instrumental in relieving neck pain. Of course, the challenge is finding the best pillow for your specific neck pain problems, while also finding a pillow that doesn’t disrupt your sleep in other ways. Whether that is a natural latex pillow, a memory foam pillow, or some other type of pillow remains to be seen.

These are just a few ways the right pillow can help you find neck pain relief.

Providing outstanding neck support. Support is important. Depending on your preferred sleeping position, it can make a world of difference for relieving neck pain.

What is the Best Pillow for Neck Pain?

The best pillows for neck pain are pillows that provide outstanding support for the spinal alignment you require. Depending on your sleep positions during the night, you may have different needs in a pillow for neck pain than your partner. Spinal support is especially important for side and back sleepers, who need to maintain spinal alignment throughout the night.

A latex pillow offers outstanding support for neck and back pain, along with many other benefits worth considering, like:

  • Good for the planet
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Breathable to sleep cooler

However, the best pillow for neck pain will vary from one person to the next. It’s important to find the perfect combination when looking for an outstanding natural latex pillow for back pain.

What are the Worst Pillows for Neck Pain?

The worst pillows for addressing your pain problems are pillows that offer little in the way of support, or that have other issues that interrupt or disrupt your sleep. For instance, memory foam pillows are notorious for retaining body heat. This means they can disrupt your sleep, causing you to toss and turn even more. This tossing and turning can exacerbate your cervical pain problems. According to Cleveland Clinic, though, the worst pillows for neck pain are feather pillows. They are affordable, but offer very little in the way of stability for the neck.

What are the Best Pillow Materials for Neck Pain?

Because there is so much more than neck pain to manage while trying to get a good night’s sleep, we believe that natural latex fill is the best material for the perfect pillow. You have the option of shredded latex or solid natural latex for your latex pillow.

The shredded latex allows you to fluff and smush your pillow as needed. This is ideal for stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers alike as it allows you to control the height of your head while you sleep, while properly supporting your neck. Of course, solid latex pillows are also beneficial, provided they are the appropriate loft to meet your needs, and provide the support you require.

What is a Latex Pillow?

Latex pillows are made from natural, non-toxic botanical latex foam. Many consider them the best cooling pillows available today. They certainly rank near the top as they are incredibly breathable. Most latex pillows are made with Talalay latex. This offers the support you expect from latex, along with a plusher, luxurious feel.

What are The Different Types of Latex Pillows?

If you’re working with natural Talalay latex, you essentially have two options in pillows. One is the shredded latex pillow, and the other is a solid latex pillow.

Shredded Natural Latex Pillows

Shredded latex pillows are great options for stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers, as you can fluff or flatten your pillow as needed, so that it can meet your needs for a comfortable sleep. It offers the feel of a down pillow without the allergy problems so many have when dealing with a down fill.

Solid Natural Latex Pillows

Breathable and buoyant, solid natural latex pillows offer outstanding alignment and pressure point relief for any sleep position as well.

Shredded vs. Solid Latex Pillows: Which is Best for You?

Each pillow offers amazing support and pressure point relief, while providing you with a cool and comfortable sleep experience. Preferred sleep positions may impact which is the better choice for you; however, most people find latex to be a solid choice for pillows, regardless of their preferred sleep positions.

What are the Benefits of a Latex Pillow?

You will find that latex pillows offer many benefits beyond their amazing neck support.


Natural latex is incredibly breathable. Because the air flows freely through the latex, you sleep cooler and more comfortably throughout the night.


Natural latex is quite durable, with many latex pillows lasting up to five years.


You will be hard-pressed to find a pillow that is made with more care for the planet in the materials and the manufacturing process than a natural latex pillow. Avoid synthetic latex, though, as it contains many petrochemicals and other ingredients that may harm your family and the planet.

Pain Relief

Because latex offers superb support and outstanding plush comfort, it can be instrumental in pain and pressure relief.

Low Maintenance

Latex pillows are easy to maintain, and care for. Occasional spot washing for the pillow, and frequent washing of the pillow cover can help you enjoy your pillow much longer.


Natural latex is naturally hypoallergenic as it does not hold on to dust, mold, mildew, and other common allergens.


There are no petrochemicals, additives, and fillers used to make natural latex pillows. This allows you to rest easy knowing your pillow contains no potentially harmful toxins.

No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are problematic in many ways, including the harm they can do to the people inside your home. While you may initially notice them through the strong off-gassing odor in many pillows and bedding products, they linger in the air inside your home long after the initial odor fades. You won’t find these VOCs in your natural latex pillow. This means you can sleep and breathe a little easier.

Dust Mite Resistance

Because they are dust mite resistant, many people who suffer from dust mite allergies sleep easier on latex pillows.

Who Can Benefit Best from a Latex Pillow?

Anyone who wakes with frequent aches and pains, especially in the back and neck, can benefit from a latex pillow. Others who benefit from these pillows include the following:

  • Allergy and asthma sufferers
  • People seeking pressure relief from their old pillows
  • Hot sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers

While the list is small, it pretty much encompasses everyone on the planet when all is said and done.

What Causes Neck Pain While Sleeping?

Many factors can contribute to neck pain while you sleep. These are some of the most common reasons people experience neck pain while sleeping.

  • Incorrect pillow loft. A pillow with a too high loft can be just as problematic as a low loft pillow. It’s important to try a few options out to find the “just right” loft to help you avoid future neck pain.
  • Insufficient pressure relief. This is an area where Talalay latex excels, and one you will surely appreciate if you choose a latex pillow.
  • Lack of support. You need support in all the right places while you sleep. That is why latex is an excellent choice for pillows. By providing cervical support where you need it most, your latex pillow is helping to reduce neck and back pain while you sleep.
  • Pillow firmness. While you want adequate head and neck support, you don’t want a pillow that is too firm. Consider a medium or medium-firm latex foam pillow for best results.
  • Sleeping on your stomach. Unfortunately for stomach sleepers, this position plays havoc on your neck and back, leading to pain and discomfort while sleeping, and often throughout the day.

As you can see, it’s not all about the pillow you choose. However, choosing the right pillow can go a long way toward reducing your neck pain problems.

How Does Your Sleeping Position Impact Neck Pain?

Sleeping positions play massive roles in your overall comfort while you sleep. Here’s what you need to know about sleep positions and neck pain.

Back Sleepers

Body alignment matters. If you sleep on your back, you want a pillow that allows your spine to remain straight. This means you don’t want to sleep with your neck pushed forward, but straight. Seek pillows that do not raise your head off the mattress enough to force a bend or twist in your neck.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need pillows that can be as flat as possible. You might prefer a shredded latex pillow, since you can flatten the fill to an appropriate level to meet your needs.

Side Sleepers

Like back sleepers, side sleepers need pillows that support adequate spinal alignment. This means you don’t want to have to twist or bend your neck to keep it on the pillow while you sleep.

Latex Pillows vs. Memory Foam Pillows?

Memory foam pillows may appear quite comfortable at first. However, many people complain that these pillows sleep hot. That’s because they conform to the shape of your head by holding body heat close around your head. This causes sleep disruptions, and can be incredibly uncomfortable. Memory foam pillows are also known for off-gassing, which can make it difficult to sleep on the pillows until they’ve aired out a few days. This is not the case with natural latex pillows that are planet friendly, do not off-gas, and are among the best cooling pillow options available today.

Can You Wash a Latex Pillow?

The latex pillows themselves are not machine washable. If you purchase an organic cotton cover for your latex pillow, however, that is machine washable. At least it is in most cases, and it is always a good idea to wash the pillow cover frequently. You can maintain your latex pillow itself, with spot cleaning as needed.

How Long Does a Latex Pillow Last?

Latex pillows are known for their durability, and can easily last up to five years with proper care and maintenance.

What is the Best Sleep Position to Minimize Neck Pain?

According to Harvard Medical School back sleepers and side sleepers have the best shot to minimize neck pain while sleeping. This is increased when you choose the right pillows to meet your needs as well. Stomach sleepers have a tough time maintaining supportive spinal alignment while they sleep, which exacerbates neck pain.

Tips for Reducing Neck Pain While Sleeping

There are many things you can do to help relieve neck pain while sleeping. One of them is to switch to a pillow that works well with your preferred sleeping position. Others include the following:

  • Engage in neck stretching exercises frequently throughout the day, especially if you work long hours on a computer, or spend a lot of time in the car.
  • Switch to backpacks or rolling suitcases if you frequently carry heavy loads.
  • Use heat and/or ice to relieve neck pain. Consider taking a warm shower just before bed to relieve neck pain before going to sleep.
  • If you’re a smoker, quit. Smoking has been linked to cervical degenerative disc disease, which is, quite literally, a pain in the neck.
  • Consider natural healing techniques for your neck pain, such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, or using a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit.

Of course, changing your pillow is a small and easy step to take in your efforts to improve neck support, and reduce pain in your neck and shoulders.

Are Latex Pillows Eco-Friendly?

Not only is the fill used in latex pillows planet-friendly, so is the process by which these pillows are made. Talalay latex is made without adding chemicals, toxins, dyes, and more into the process. It is formulated from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, which creates the latex foam that is then used to make the pillow fill. Both the materials used to make your latex pillow and the method used to manufacture the pillow are environmentally friendly.

Do Latex Pillows Come with Organic Cotton Covers?

Some latex pillows come with organic cotton covers. For other latex pillows, it is an option you can add on to the pillow.

Size Matters. What’s the Right Size for Your Latex Pillow?

The size of your bed has little to do with the size of the pillow that works best for you. For instance, you can have a king-sized bed, but if you sleep on your stomach, you’re going to want a small and slim pillow to meet your needs, rather than the larger, king-size pillows. Understanding pillow dimensions can help you make better informed buying decisions when shopping for a new pillow.

  • Standard pillows. These pillows are generally 24 inches by 15 inches in size with varying lofts (thicknesses).
  • Queen pillows. These pillows generally measure 28 inches by 16 inches with varying lofts.
  • King pillows. These pillows typically measure 34 inches by 16 inches, and have varying lofts.

While the size of the pillow matters to some degree, most people find the loft more important, with most side and back sleepers finding a loft of four to five inches to be their “sweet spots.”

Common Pillow-Related Problems

These are a few of the common pillow-related problems people face, and what you can do to correct them.


Like Goldilocks, it may take a little bit of trial and error to find the “just right” size for your pillow. However, most people agree that finding the perfect fit is well worth the effort.

Temperature Control

People who sleep hot naturally, often prefer looking for the best cooling options when it comes to pillows and mattresses. Look for materials, like latex, that are naturally breathable.

Sufficient Neck Support

Head and neck support is critical. Some people look for a specialized cervical pillow to use in front of their normal pillows to provide additional support around the neck.


Loft matters. The higher the loft, the more likely it is that your neck may bend in a way that causes pain. The same holds true when dealing with a low loft pillow. You want to keep your neck and back as straight as possible while you sleep.


Because some pillows contain various toxins, and allow unfettered feeding grounds for dust mites, allergies can be a huge problem. Look for washable pillow covers, and wash them frequently to reduce allergies, and choose latex pillows that are not dust-mite or allergen-friendly.


Most people find that a medium or medium-firm pillow offers the best combination of comfort and head and neck support to enhance their sleep.

Pressure Relief

Talalay latex and similar materials offer outstanding pressure relief. Many people agree that memory foam pillows do so as well. However, other drawbacks make memory foam pillows a distant second to natural latex.

Why Consider the Latex For Less Pillow?

The Latex For Less Pillow offers the best of many worlds to consumers. It’s not only an ideal solution for relieving neck pain, but in many other ways as well. Some of the benefits the Latex For Less Pillow offers include the following:

  • These pillows are highly affordable, while using quality materials.
  • Eco-friendly. Latex For Less Pillows are made with natural Talalay latex.
  • These pillows come with a five-year warranty.
  • Sleep cooler thanks to the incredible durability of these pillows.
  • Free shipping. That’s right, these pillows ship at no cost to you!
  • Made in the USA. For people who are increasingly seeking products made in the country, these are top-notch choices.
  • Size selection. The Latex For Less Latex Pillow is available in your choice of standard (with a four-inch loft) or queen and king, which are both available with five-inch lofts.
  • Fill options. When you purchase a Latex For Less Pillow, you can choose from shredded natural latex, or solid natural latex.

Order the Latex For Less Pillow today, and see for yourself what kind of difference a latex pillow can make for your neck pain problems — and so much more.

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